My apologies to those who want Incubus sans watermarks

Apologies to all who wanted to see my Incubus shots without watermarks.

I found some dickheads on another forum or two linking to my images directly without mentioning or commenting to me and I decided to take some sort of action on my images. I will be re-linking to ones with smaller watermarks in a few days just as I'll also be blogging the other As Tall As Lion & Dear Hunter gig, but give me a few days.

It really irritates me when people do shit like this. I've got no problem with others linking to my images and showing them, but a link back to me or a mention of who shot them and their page would be nice. That way people can say "great shots!" or "sweet" and what-not and it can actually be directed me… the guy who did the work on the photos.

But nooooo…. people have to go and be dicks about things.

Shit, I don't make money out of my images. All I ask for is a bit of credit. 

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