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Totally addicted to grapes.

Your grapevine is chewing up my mind.

Grapey grapey…


I’m totally addicted to grapes.


Ok. So that was mostly a way of putting pictures of grapes on the screen while I made a parody of the old Josh Abrahams song “Addicted To Bass”. But I bet you didn’t know that it was also a test for the Talkr plugin I’ve currently got installed on this blog that lets you listen to the blog.

Go on, click the bit that says “Listen to this post” to hear the crazy computerised voice of Silicon Sarah* (not her real name) sing “Totally Addicted To Grapes”.

Or say it, anyway.


Here’s an infrared photo of a vineyard in the Hunter just in case you’re still annoyed at the lack of parody lyrics I’ve provided.

Seriously, I’m digging grapes at the moment.

Dirty & Gritty

While out on a photographic walk a couple of weeks ago, I decided to slap on my new infrared filter and get some shots (it’s new because my old one fit a different ring size and this one is larger).

This turned out to be a good idea as it let me flex my old infrared-enjoyment muscle. I think it’s called my “brain” or something.


Got no idea, really. But it was fun.

Plus, I love the grainy look I’ve always been able to pull out of the way I post-process things. The IR and the high-ISO that these images have only helps me think that this looks a hell of a lot better & more classic.


Of course, I could be wrong. Wait, no I can’t… it’s my opinion!

More images after the jump…

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Dishing Out Criticism Where It’s Needed: The Bill Henson Revival

One of the bigger stories today – judging by what was on the front page of papers and websites across the country – involved an artistic image of a naked six year old being put on the cover of Australian Art Monthly.

I should say right off of the cuff that I have no problem with the said image. It is art; plain and simple. The works of Ms. P (whom I have always called "Ms. P" because I have no idea how to say Papapetrou) have always been about young girls and innocence. If I remember correctly, she photographs her daughter as the subject of her art. Please correct me if I'm wrong, of course.

I'm not going to debate the issue of naturistic art versus porn because we've all been down this pointless road before. Naked children are naked children. Those of you who automatically think that a naked child constitutes child pornography need to absolutely, well & truly wake up to the fact that you may in fact be idiots.


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The Bill Henson Debacle

The Bill Henson Debacle? This whole thing is one of the most ridiculous things I've heard in the news all year. This isn't coming close to the "let's repeat that Heath Ledger is indeed dead and we will be mourning him so" stories but might be passing the "Corey is a dingbat" story quite soon.

As a photographer who used to work at the gallery in question as the web manager, I can tell you that the images aren't anything new for Henson. This sort of work has been a part of his repertoire for a long while now.


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