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It appears that The Moral Right groups or group or random individual with a coat-hanger lodged firmly in their ass are back to their old tricks again… terrorizing local video stores with a black felt tipped marker.

Yes, it's horrifying stuff. Isn't it dreadful to know that in a world filled with hate, anger, and Fergie songs (which tend to provoke even more hate & anger), there's some random wacko with a black pen making sure that you all feel his pent up Bible bashing rage in all its Jesus juicing… jizziness… sorry, I'm out of j words.


Jug is all I have right now.

In any case, I saw this in the adult section of my local video store while I was looking to rent a DVD… and before you ask, no I wasn't looking for a nice adult title to go home and molest myself to.

If my mother knew that I was looking at the adult section, she probably wouldn't care.

If I knew I was looking at it, I'd probably beat myself into oblivion. Me rent porn? Shit, I haven't done that since I was 15 or so. And that's not even porn. That's got about as much pornographic as a nature film, less even. R-rated porn lacks the important things like explicit vaginas and the all-important cum shot.

Shit, if my mother knew what I was doing, she'd probably be ashamed at me for renting something so… tame. Blech.

Which is why it got worse when I turned the box over to see what was on the other side.

Jesus weeps for me? I highly doubt it. 

Shouldn't Jesus be weeping for the lack of any real substance in those videos? I thought Jesus was a man of substance, of truth, and of praise. There's no substance or truth in those crappy-ass R-rated video store pornos, and without either substance or truth, it really lacks any need for praise. Unless you have praise for the easiest way to get pissed at not having a cum shot. Which I don't praise.

No, I think Jesus weeps for the fact that he's stuck in a section that thinks Atonement is porn.

Seriously, I want to see Keira Knightley naked and in a compromising situation (and by compromising, I mean intimate as all hell) as much as the next guy (and by next guy, I mean Jeremy Clarkson) but Atonement is not porn.


I did ask the guy from the video store if he knew that was there and he said yes and how funny it was. They're not taking it down because it's funny.

I certainly think it is. Hell, I got a laugh out of it when I saw it hence why I took a couple of photos. 😛 


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