Review Updates I

Aside for giving you an update on all the latest reviews Mike (my brother) and I are gracing the Cybershack website with, these postings let me try my hand out at Roman numerals. I mean seriously… how often does one get to play around with an I… or a V… or an X… unless you're a XXX worker who has an IV drip in their arm. Still.

Have some reviews. On the house. Or the Shack even… so to speak…

Reviewed by me (Leigh D. Stark):
Apple Macbook Pro 17"
Toshiba Qosmio G40
Logitech Kinetik 15.4 Backpack
O2 XDA Flame
Logitech Alto Connect
Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix (Wii)

Reviewed by Michael Stark:
Three (3) Mobile Broadband USB Modem
The Simpsons Phone – Samsung M300
Oakley Thump Pro
Flatout Ultimate Carnage (Xbox 360)
Call Of Juarez (Xbox 360)

…and we've still got a lot of reviewing to do, too. Loads of games and some more gadgets plus whatever else we receive (as well as all the other work we do). Hopefully that's enough reading to keep your itchy spending trigger fingers happy for at least the next ten minutes… or ten seconds… either / or… whatever floats your boat.

I'd also like to send a "have fun" message to Rick… another of the Cybershack team who's heading on a long, long, long well-deserved vacation…

Have loads of fun, Rick. 🙂 

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