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One of the projects you may not have seen that I’ve started up is called “SackBoy Lives Here!” which is an art project designed to make people smile.

SackBoy Looks Up

SackBoy Looks Up

The idea revolves around the character of SackBoy from Sony’s & Media Molecule’s “LittleBigPlanet” exploring our own planet with his own heightened curiosity. He’s one of the only one of his kind and he’s got a friend there to take pictures of him.

I started this as a means of making myself smile when my ex broke up with me, but had been tossing up the idea for a while before that (practically since Sony gave me a SackBoy plushie). The original project idea was to make it a “picture-a-day” blog, but we’ve already gone past the “one picture every day” mentality and now there’s a structure to it.

Since it started in August, there have been over 150 images of SackBoy put online on SackBoy Lives Here!.

Now that I’m over my ex and all happy again, the project is geared at making people smile. That’s all it is. Making people smile. No plans to sell, no plans to make money; SackBoy Lives Here! exists to make you grin, giggle, and bust a smile.

This image is real. No Photoshop compositing. The Sea Lion really did try and have a conversation with SackBoy. I almost didn't fire the shots.

This image is real. No Photoshop compositing. The Sea Lion really did try and have a conversation with SackBoy. I almost didn't fire the shots.

I’ve just had mini cards made for the SackBoy project because when I’m out shooting with him, people are asking me what this is for. Friends who are there go “haven’t you heard of SackBoy? This is SackBoy” so we now have cards that say “This is SackBoy.”

To see more of this project, head to the SackBoy Lives Here! website at

Found Sites – May 15, 2009

Since I open an almost obscene amount of tabs every day in my Firefox (and never end up closing them), I’m going to start running this section to force me to close them.

This new bit on my blog is like a bandage, alcohol swab, and a coagulant to stop me from bleeding excess pages into my system.

In any case, this week I found…

kindofbloop_notypefull“Kind Of Bloop” is an interesting project about making jazz from the 8-bit digital form that made the sounds from Nintendo’s early games so… well… existent.

If the art doesn’t grab you, you don’t know your music or your video games.

And if that’s the case, well… go play some Mario while listening to Miles.


This week, my Guitar Hero 3 controller decided to not strum down. How nice for it! How freakin’ nice of it to not function the way it’s supposed to!!!

You know what? I blame Activision.

Mind you, blaming them doesn’t get me anything. My Les Paul video game axe is still broken.

Regardless, here’s a site that tells you how to fix it.

Plus Kevin Smith explains how he didn’t get to do the Superman movie, a building decided to not be found, this Australian winery rocks, why I might start drinking a ridiculous amount of white tea even if it ends up tasting like nothing, how you can read the New York Times on your computer, and that Four Corners story everyone was talking about this week.

Easter 2009: Mario, Portal, Tetris, and an oldie!

Last year I painted some cubes for the office so people could enjoy Easter the way I thought they should… with free chocolate.

Seriously, I'm a Jew. I couldn't give a damn about all that Bible crap. I care about the chocolate, the cocoa, white chocolate, truffles, praline, and little bits of aluminium foil that wrap it up.

I also care about showing how much I care so this year I took my cubes one step forward. 

Friends in tech journalism got a taste of what's above while family got what's below.

Step inside to see that chaos & anarchy that only Easter and paint can provide…

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Review Updates & Important News (about me)…

No… I haven't forgotten.

I'd never forget you blog. Never. Ever.

Okay… maybe a little.

Stuff has been happening. Lots of stuff. Stuff for Gadget Grill, stuff for work.

I am… no longer working at CyberShack… which is probably a good thing for me. 🙂

I am now a freelancer… at least for the moment, anyway…

In any case, more review updates below!

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