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Powerhouse Museum: barely an echo of something it once was

When I was younger, I used to love the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. It wasn’t the only museum I loved, but because of how much science and technology that had been forced into one space, I found it a brilliant place to go.

While trips to the Powerhouse weren’t as frequent as I’d have liked – I was under the age of ten, so I couldn’t just clap my hands and materialise at 500 Harris St – the trips were remembered fondly.

A few years ago, I went again. I can’t remember how long it had been since I had entered the Powerhouse and taken a good stroll around the museum I once loved.

Oh sure, I had been to events there – a Canon launch, a Wacom tablet launch, some sort of rug exhibition where I managed to annoy rug connoisseurs  thanks to my use of the word “carpet” – but I hadn’t taken a good long walk, a wonderful ponder at the museum I fell in love with as a boy.

So in 2009, I went. And it wasn’t great: exhibits were noticeably in a state of disrepair, the place was empty, and generally the Powerhouse Museum didn’t feel like this wonderful place I had recalled.

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Review Updates… mostly tech.

Ok, so now that my blog is well and truly moved over to the WordPress platform, I should probably see about keeping my review index up to scratch.

So without further adieu, here are the new entrants into my review list…

Mostly technology this time. I’ve also updated my APC article list and added a game or two.

Please note that some of the gaming links don’t work because of the shift to the WordPress platform. I’ll be correcting this hopefully soon.

Review Updates & Important News (about me)…

No… I haven't forgotten.

I'd never forget you blog. Never. Ever.

Okay… maybe a little.

Stuff has been happening. Lots of stuff. Stuff for Gadget Grill, stuff for work.

I am… no longer working at CyberShack… which is probably a good thing for me. 🙂

I am now a freelancer… at least for the moment, anyway…

In any case, more review updates below!

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Shameless Self-Promotion for Casual Boy

Because I have no shame (on my blog) and feel like linking you to something, I'm passing on al ink!

I have now launched my own little gaming review site! I hope to have it updated every day!

Hope. Hope to. Probably won't. You know… like this site… which used to be. I'm working on my ability to shift between all the freakin' work I do… *sigh*

Anyway… presenting…

Casual Boy. 🙂

I just put up the review for the puketastic iPhone game "Christmas With Weezer"… oh Christ… why did I buy that piece of shit…