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The joys of silly advertising: Intel

I like Intel. I think that's an important way to start off this post, a comment to say that I happen to appreciate some of Intel's good work.

For instance, my desktop runs a Quad Core processor made by Intel. I chose it over the AMD Phenom's because – quite frankly – the Intel chips rock and the current AMD chips suck. Immensely. 

My MSI Wind / Macbook Nano runs on an Intel Atom, a processor that I like quite a lot and serves me well.

What I don't like, however, is stupid advertising. Stupid advertising like Intel's found in the current issue of "The Overclocker". I've made my comments known on the image by way of an aggressive red marker! Gizmodo-style, biatch!

Click the image to see it (and my comments) bigger!

Ok. I am clearly not Intel's target market here. You know, I'm a geek who thinks he knows stuff, likes buying computers, plays video games, and upgrades his computer far too often especially when he could be spending his money on things that aren't quite so geeky.

Clearly I'm not their audience.

I'm also a cynic. A cynic that thinks maybe Intel's advertising department should have shown this artwork to someone before they went ahead with the advert.

1. That is one ugly-ass monster. I mean geeze… he looks like a tool.

This isn't  some big captain hero taking on a sludgy little worm here. No, that's an ugly ogre-imp-freak-thing that can barely grip that oddly shaped bat he probably fashioned out of a junk piece of wood. He looks as though he's about to drop it on his own mongoloid freaky head and crush his own pointless skull.

And what the hell is with his costume? Geeze… fashion sense like that and you want me to treat him as if he were a fast processor? 

Shit Intel… that's just wrong.

2. Haven't you (Intel) ever heard of David & Goliath?

I'm not so good with Bible stories – you know, not giving a damn about them and all – but last I heard, David was this tiny little dude who came back and put the smackdown on big, nasty Goliath.

Is that what you're trying to say here with your stupid ugly monster? That you're inviting AMD, VIA, Nvidia, and anyone else who makes chips to throw one stone at your tall beast's mouth choking him quickly? I must admit, I'm very confused.

Plus, do you see what that little scared blue guy is holding? It is so much more advanced than the club held by the ugly thing that's apparently representative of your CPU. That blue guy may be cowering behind the wall of circuit-board & central processing wallpaper right now, but give him time and you know he's going to go back to his ultra-savvy & intelligent race of Biped Sea Monkeys only to come back with a ton of weapons, spaceships, and an urge to kick ass.

Or maybe I'm just reading too much into an advertisement… 



Leigh gets his own radio show!

After dabbling a little in random radio efforts on 2RDJ – the station Dad's been doing a jazz show on for a bit – I now am getting my own radio show… on… technology!

The show is called "The Gadget Grill" and I'm trying to connect a website to it for every thing we talk about. It's… gadgets… games… reviews… basically making the whole technology thing a hell of a lot easier than it is… in a talk show sort of format with a bit of music.

Regardless, if you're in Sydney you can catch it Sundays at 9pm on 88.1 2RDJ or online at

We'll also be putting up the podcasts on The Gadget Grill site every week so you can catch up on what we're talking about.

In any case, I'm sticking the two promos we've got for it below for you to listen to (either hit play in the little black thing to play it in your browser or hit the link to download it)…

Holiday Promo (download link)

Regular Promo (download link)