There was a crash, then the lights flickered, and that’s all about anyone else could remember. The world went dark for a moment as something from beyond this planet collided with the buildings and grass that saturated our own.

Then there were screams. The TV reported that people were being attacked, that they were falling over, convulsing, and shaking so much that they didn’t last long, couldn’t last long.

It was all too much for most people to bear, so they did what everyone did best in times of emergency: they ran.

The affected ran towards the hills. They crossed grassy tops and dark cemented roads, hightailing it to get out of there and somewhere else. Where ever was safe, because nobody knew what safe was anymore.

Before this, the idea of alien life was science fiction. Now, forever more, it would be science fact, and while the governments could quell the situation, could put them down and say that no more would happen, every smart person knew that was a lie.

So they came up with a smarter plan, one that could be taught, controlled, and made to help all the world unite to take on the possible threats.

Expected finish date: October 2022

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