Cheap CD’s! Cheap CD’s!!!

In case you're curious and you live in Sydney, the big HMV on Pitt St. is closing down today. End of August and all.

Closing down.

For good.

Mike and I headed down there after work yesterday. There's a whole smattering of CD's t-shirts, and crappy DVD's on tables as well as literally "what's left" in the aisles and they're taking 50% off everything.

I'll give you an example. Mike got the rare-in-Australia Up In The Attic import disc from Alien Ant Farm for 15 bucks instead of the original price of 30.

I got the Dave Matthews Band DualDisc edition of Stand Up for 5 bucks (down from 30) and a disc I've been wanting since I pretty much started watching MTV when I went to school in Texas, Live's Secret Samadhi … for 5 bucks.

There's a little bit of jazz… actually, there's probably still quite a lot of jazz left… but they've closed the jazz section and just emptied the discs on a table. So… you'll have to dig around to find something you want… but in case you've always wanted some CD's but were always too cheap to get them, get your ass down there now and see if they have them for cheap before they close today. 

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