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Playlist: New Orleans Jazz Fest 2016 (weekend 2)

I don’t need much to get myself geared up for New Orleans — the music, the people, the food, the vibe; sheesh, I’d probably live there if I could — but just in case you wanted to get a glimpse of what Jazz Fest will be like on the second weekend, which is when we’re hoping to be there, I’ve been working on a playlist.

First song for my courier musical “The Bittersweet Delivery”

Ok random blog reading peeps… I’m going to give you a preview of this courier musical I’m writing. Remember I’m not a pianist in the…

Some of the best R&B I’ve heard in a while is the news.

The guys/guys/team behind this is putting out some excellent work. It’s a shame it gets a little bit slow in the Gorilla scene in this…

That’s My Mum!

My Mum is a music artist. You probably didn't realise this. I was creating an animated music video for her up until recently. One of…

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