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Pickr (or “how I spent my summer vacation”)

I’ve been a technology journalist for a number of years, and this blog actually got me that job. Well, this blog, a resume, and some enthusiasm, but that’s not the point.

Back when I started as a technology journalist, I never thought of myself as a journalist, and this blog looked a whole lot different. I always thought of myself as a scriptwriter who happened to write product reviews, which was basically what I did (and this blog had a South Park version of me on it wearing a hat, but that’s not the point).

It didn’t matter to me that my scripts were yet to be made into movies or plays, because I was still a scriptwriter. And I was a product reviewer. On this blog, I would review video games with a bit of humour, and when I jumped into my position at CyberShack, I was able to transition into actual products.

Over the years, I’ve worked at a variety of places, from the TV and radio experience I gathered at CyberShack to a bit of print at PC Authority (now PC & Tech Authority) and APC, to where I am now at GadgetGuy, and through this time I have reviewed a lot of products. The count is nearly at 700, which for the space of almost nine years I think is fairly impressive.

But more than just being a reviewer of bits and bobs, I no longer count myself as merely a product reviewer; now I’m a journalist, because in my mind, reviewing products isn’t just about the methodology applied to analysing and understanding what makes them tick. No, it’s more than that.

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Literally, not figuratively: more WordPress themes for writers in 2016

It’s been a good couple of years or so since I summed up themes for writers, and since I’m still a writer, I think it’s time to do it again. If you’re a writer, a publisher, or just someone with an idea for an online magazine, these themes could help make your site look a little more like ink on page.

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Literally speaking: the best WordPress themes for the text obsessed

As a writer, I have this obsession with text and letters and sentences and words.

This happens possible because I do this whole writing thing day in – at work, where I write technology journalism at – and day out – when I go home and write books and other pieces of nonsense that spill out of my head and onto the page.

This obsession with writing makes me want to have a webpage that speaks more in words than playful designs, so much that the big words become the playful designs.

A few years ago, I attempted this style with what is my current WordPress theme, a modification and severe customisation that I later called “Spontaneous Box.” This theme relies heavily on Ozh’s Random Words, a plugin that pulls various lines out of a file and shows them on specific parts of the page.

To date, there are well over 50 in the system, and I want this to still be a feature in my new site, in a redesign of my page.

In fact, an upcoming redesign is exactly why I’ve written this, to show some of the themes out there that point speak in text and showcase big shiny words that yell loud and clear to the reader.

So here we are, reader, with a list that might be helpful to you. If you’re a writer that wants a WordPress theme that says “hell yes, I’m a writer,” this list is for you.

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WordPress scheduling woes and an unlikely fix

Over the past week, I’ve noticed a problem with one of the WordPress sites I maintain.

Perhaps you’ve seen it: articles set to go live somehow miss the schedule.

You swear they should go live, and yet “Missed schedule” still manages to pop up in red screwing up your plans for a planned post.

When it started happening to me, I frantically checked the server time and found nothing wrong. I checked to see if there were any new plugins and nothing had been changed. And then, at last, I Googled, and the results I got were so different from what actually resolved my woes.

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Leigh’s Mobile Gallery

If you actually visit my site (which doesn’t have a lot on it, apologies… sorta going through “stuff” at the moment), you may have noticed a few things on the top have changed.

One is that I now have a CV up there… so you know, if you’re looking to hire me, use that and my review list to determine if I have any worth (to you; I have worth, you just might not see it for your purposes).

The other is that I’ve now relaunched my gallery under a different system. It’s taken a few weeks and it looks very shiny. Apologies to people suffering for loading images, it can be seen as a fairly bandwidth intensive site but I like the look & effect of it.

As of yesterday, however, I’ve modified the WPTouch default theme / plugin for WordPress and now have a mobile version of my gallery running.


To see it, simply type “” (without the quotes) into your mobile’s web browser. I’ve tested this on Safari on the iPhone but if you’ve got other devices, feel free to tell me how it looks.

More images of it after the jump…

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