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WordPress: CityRail never looked so good…

Ok so after scabbing so many WordPress themes, I’m now going to try my hand at creating one of those nifty premium style themes.

It of course will be free, and probably poorly designed since I’m not a designer.

But here’s the first Photoshop piece of my first WordPress theme: “You Fool! You Crossed The Yellow Line!”

"You Fool! You Crossed The Yellow Line!" is technically the second CityRail theme I had planned... it's just the first to come out of my Photoshop session...

"You Fool! You Crossed The Yellow Line!" is technically the second CityRail theme I had planned... it's just the first to come out of my Photoshop session...

There’s already a box under the two articles there that could essentially be used for a 4-5 square Flickr plugin and I’ll probably add a gum artwork or dirty ticket above the menu. The main section at the bottom should always be there according to this design, similar to how MNML works.

Some comments would be nice though, since I’m not a designer and this is my first real design.

In case anyone is wondering, the design of the station platform comes from how it looks at Bondi Junction (seriously, look down when you’re there) and while I took photos for inspiration, all of the textures and panels have been generated in Photoshop.

Goodbye Serendipity, Hello WordPress

Today marks the day that I jump ship and head towards a different blogging platform.

For the past few years, I’ve been using Serendipity, a very capable and extremely well-made open-source blogging platform. Several years before I started, I’d run a couple of my own blogs on different engines. Each of these tended to be inflexible, irritating, and useless at resisting Spam. When I got my hands on Serendipity, though, I thought that I’d finally found a team that new what they were doing.

Serendipity was brilliant. It was fast, strong, and secure, and it gave me some level of customisation that my puny Earth brain could wrap itself around.

But in recent months, my love for Serendipity has started to lessen.

As I use WordPress more and more for my work at The Gadget Grill, the size of the community as well as it’s sheer ability to be modified makes me want to move. I’ve been using Serendipity a while and now it’s time to move on.

I have a new design, a new logo, and the ability to add some cool features like Twitter… because no one Twitters more than a freelance tech journo.

Well, maybe a porn star.

Or John Mayer.

Regardless, moving from Serendipity is a little hard so in case anyone’s thinking about switching over too, here’s a link you’re going to need.

There’s an early version of this converter floating around… version .7 or .8 or something and it just doesn’t work. It’s not if you have a large blog in the slightest and doesn’t seem to work well. So this dobschat bloke has gone and made it better and it actually works.

A couple of notes though:

  • If you ever used those parentheses codes, you’re out of luck. Posts with those will come up with the [img] or [url=yaddyadda] in the actual writing as it has here.
  • Be careful with what type of permalinking you set up on WordPress because the directory structure could mess around with image & multimedia linking in posts.
  • Anything you’ve left as a “draft” in your blog entries will now be published. So… you know… if you’ve got that as a situation, you’ll need to go through one active installation of Serendipity to fix things while setting up the WordPress one.
  • If you used some of Serendipity’s statistics plugins, you’ll lose all of those hit counts. You might also lose any links Google have made to you, but that’s expected with the transition to a new page.

But that’s about it. Brilliant work, imports the comments and pages with all the dates intact. I have my blog in a new form and now it’s ready to go!

Well sort of. I’m sure I’ll be cleaning out the non-WYSIWYG codes out of older posts for agggeeeeesss.

Easter 2009: Mario, Portal, Tetris, and an oldie!

Last year I painted some cubes for the office so people could enjoy Easter the way I thought they should… with free chocolate.

Seriously, I'm a Jew. I couldn't give a damn about all that Bible crap. I care about the chocolate, the cocoa, white chocolate, truffles, praline, and little bits of aluminium foil that wrap it up.

I also care about showing how much I care so this year I took my cubes one step forward. 

Friends in tech journalism got a taste of what's above while family got what's below.

Step inside to see that chaos & anarchy that only Easter and paint can provide…

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Why America is more backward in this day and age…

I am soon to be a traveler.

I shall wander the world with my girlfriend exploring streets, corners, cities, parks, hot-dog stands, cafes, bus-stops, tram turntables, windy roads, long & narrow paths, far stretching avenues, shops, places, patios, sidewalks, park benches, and generally anything & everything that I can do because I've never been there before.

Basically, I'm going to America in a few months.

Being the Internet-connected blog-freak that I am (I mean just look, we're at almost 500 entries now), I need a way of staying connected.

I know it's expected to be normal that everyone has an Internet connection, but apparently some places don't… so this is me looking for a prepaid wireless broadband connection in America.

And you know what I find? Not one bloody thing.

So I merely have one question for American telco's…


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