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People with style. Maybe.

It's a quarter to eight in the morning on my day off and I'm sitting in a bus in a line of cars heading into the city.

It's a cold day. Everyone is bundled up and wearing something warm; not a t-shirt in sight.

It's my day off and I'm up early.  I didn't even want the full day off though, merely the morning.

As I sit in a queue that barely moves, I curl my toes up in the thick cotton socks keeping the coldest parts of me warm.

I'm on my way to support Bowie at RAFW. He's invited me out every year since I've started working for him, but until now I've always had something else to do. Ironically, I would have had an interview to do but I've decided to make this a priority.

I've never attended a fashion show before. I hope I don't fall asleep.

"Just look at the hot model girls," my brain tells me. "Then you'll be fine."


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As Tall As A Dear Hunter

This article is a few weeks coming and I apologise for that. The Ruthie Foster one will be following shortly too.

While Soundwave wasn't too impressive an organised thing, the people deciding to put it on felt the need to make a little bit more money by running what they called "Sidewaves". These were side gigs that bands from Soundwave would play in each city.

Not having our complete fill of As Tall As Lions and The Dear Hunter, my brother Michael and I went on the Monday.

That was the day after Soundwave. We'd both been to work that day and I was exhausted from the day prior.

As well as burnt.

The Dear Hunter were one of a few bands I got photos of that night…

Here's what happened…

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More music photography coming: Ruthie Foster

I've just come from a great gig… better than great… at The Basement.

Someone whom I've liked since I first heard played: Ruthie Foster. I'm heading to bed now, but here's an image to salivate those… err… saliva glands.

Click the image to see the phenomenal Ruthie Foster appear in a larger image that I shot tonight (the same image… but bigger)!

My apologies to those who want Incubus sans watermarks

Apologies to all who wanted to see my Incubus shots without watermarks.

I found some dickheads on another forum or two linking to my images directly without mentioning or commenting to me and I decided to take some sort of action on my images. I will be re-linking to ones with smaller watermarks in a few days just as I'll also be blogging the other As Tall As Lion & Dear Hunter gig, but give me a few days.

It really irritates me when people do shit like this. I've got no problem with others linking to my images and showing them, but a link back to me or a mention of who shot them and their page would be nice. That way people can say "great shots!" or "sweet" and what-not and it can actually be directed me… the guy who did the work on the photos.

But nooooo…. people have to go and be dicks about things.

Shit, I don't make money out of my images. All I ask for is a bit of credit.