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Playlist: New Orleans Jazz Fest 2016 (weekend 2)

This year, I’m hoping to actually head on vacation (finally!) so my beautiful wife and I can take that honeymoon we’ve been talking about doing since we got married.

Keep in mind, we got married back in 2014, when the weather was hot and New Orleans came to Sydney. That was the dream, since both my wife and I had left our hearts in New Orleans. I left mine back when I was a kid, and when I went back on holiday with the girl who would eventually be my wife, she left hers there too, and I knew she and I would be linked.

The wedding was on November 14, 2014, and there’s a webpage showing the day, but there hasn’t been a honeymoon yet, due to the constraints of work.

This year, though, we’re hoping to change it, and Jazz Fest is on the agenda.

I don’t need much to get myself geared up for New Orleans — the music, the people, the food, the vibe; sheesh, I’d probably live there if I could — but just in case you wanted to get a glimpse of what Jazz Fest will be like on the second weekend, which is when we’re hoping to be there, I’ve been working on a playlist.

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Found Sites – May 15, 2009

Since I open an almost obscene amount of tabs every day in my Firefox (and never end up closing them), I’m going to start running this section to force me to close them.

This new bit on my blog is like a bandage, alcohol swab, and a coagulant to stop me from bleeding excess pages into my system.

In any case, this week I found…

kindofbloop_notypefull“Kind Of Bloop” is an interesting project about making jazz from the 8-bit digital form that made the sounds from Nintendo’s early games so… well… existent.

If the art doesn’t grab you, you don’t know your music or your video games.

And if that’s the case, well… go play some Mario while listening to Miles.


This week, my Guitar Hero 3 controller decided to not strum down. How nice for it! How freakin’ nice of it to not function the way it’s supposed to!!!

You know what? I blame Activision.

Mind you, blaming them doesn’t get me anything. My Les Paul video game axe is still broken.

Regardless, here’s a site that tells you how to fix it.

Plus Kevin Smith explains how he didn’t get to do the Superman movie, a building decided to not be found, this Australian winery rocks, why I might start drinking a ridiculous amount of white tea even if it ends up tasting like nothing, how you can read the New York Times on your computer, and that Four Corners story everyone was talking about this week.

Waiting for Nigel

I started writing this on Thursday night on the way to the Nigel Kennedy gig at Kell's Kitchen. I didn't know what to expect other than that it was Nigel Kennedy and jazz… that's all I really needed to know. I knew he was playing with some of Sydney's top musicians and having seen him play with Jonathan Zwartz before, I knew this was going to be brilliant. I just didn't know how brilliant.

So here's my writing from Thursday to Friday and even a little bit from Sunday.

And all of these images are shot by me and therefore copyrighted to me, but if you want to use them, don't hesitate to give me a holler by leaving me a comment and I can provide bigger ones. Like if you want to print some and such.

Dad trying to get an interview out of Nigel…


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