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Remember how last week, I decided to test out the PocketSurfer 2's textual ability by writing a small blog?

Well now I'm doing the same with the Asus Eee.

As it happens, I'm currently sitting on a late-ish train heading to work typing on the Eee. Now of course since I'm currently underground, I am offline… but the PocketSurfer would be too and it would only let me get out the first line before needing to submit to a server that it can't find.

But with the Eee… it's just so easy.

This thing really is brilliant.

Look ma! No spelling errors and a mouse that works!

Invasion of the iPods!

In the past few months, I've noticed a trend among the many people I see in the city.

iPod's are everywhere.

And when I say "iPod", this isn't me making that commonly known factoid-crap where I confuse an mp3 player — any mp3 player — for an iPod.

This is me noting how many iPod's seem to have been taken up and put into use by the public at large.

I see the official Apple earbuds almost everywhere I go. He's got one! And so does she! The people you just saw in the coffee shop; they do too!

And there are people who don't like earbuds or use better quality listening devices than the mediocre Apple ones. Sennheiser and Shure and Sony, oh my!

Seriously, Apple are taking over the market. In the space of a decade, they've turned themselves around from the fading computer company that only graphics and sound people really cared about.

Do you want to know why (and haven't read every other article or written piece like this so you can't point flaws in half of what I say)?


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Sick, sick Leigh

It should be noted that I rarely get sick. It's probably my inability to properly swallow a pill.

Seriously, I'm like Monica Lewinsky with a hatred for swallowing.

Okay. Bad image. Really bad image.

But seriously, I've only recently just learned how to swallow pills and probably as a nice way for saying "well, he sucks at that so let's be nice to him", life and karma seem to manage it so I'm rarely sick.

So this comes as a surprise to people when I actually get sick that I am in fact sick and am not making up.

Like today where my stomach felt like throwing everything back, my muscles were convinced that the end was really here, and my head decided to become Robbie Williams' brand new sound system at Knebworth… or Knobworth… something like that.

So it gave me a chance to continue restoring my brand new fangled computer. Sort of. It's sort of brand new. There's a lot of "brand new" in it followed by a little "brand old". I'll even be adding a guide with photos showing you how to make your own computer without wanting to throw yourself out of a window diving for the nearest Harvey Norman salesman. I mean shit, who wants to do that? That's like flinging yourself at a bus… and even the bus has more dignity.

I mean sure, there are some nice, smart and good Harvey Norman salespeople. Just none of the ones I've encountered… and probably you… your best mate… and the person in another part of the world who's currently reading this and has no idea what a "Harvey Norman" is… they definitely haven't met any good Harvey Norman salespeople.

So here I am… sick, sick Leigh… rebuilding my computer, writing random crap for work, animating and editing video for Khartoum Capers, and oh yes, watching a video that will now make SingStar sales drop.

Seriously, if this makes SingStar sales go up, I seriously want a free PlayStation 3. Hell, I want a free one anyway. 

I'm not embarrassed.

I'm a jazz singer… so I know what I'm doing.


Video didn't kill the radio star.

It was me, bitch.  

Review Updates II

…and here we are once again at the crossroads of reviewer heck.

Here in reviewer heck we like to inform others of the crap we're reviewing. So without further… ermm… adieu?… here are some new reviews!

Reviewed by me (Leigh D. Stark):
Argo PC / 3D
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (PS3)
Project Gotham Racing 4 (X360)
Jam Sessions (NDS)
Boogie (Wii)
Madden NFL 08 (Wii)
Alien Syndrome (Wii)
Article – Yet another game banned in Australia

Reviewed by Michael Stark:
Apple Logic Studio
Bose Computer MusicMonitor
Logitech Harmony 1000i
Bioshock (X360)
Article – Big Day Out 2008 ticket chaos

We've actually got more stuff to review. I've got games up the wazoo I need to go through not to mention the occasional gadget. My iPod Touch review should be online soon even though it'll be in an upcoming edition of the CyberShack Radio Show

This past week we got to take a look at Mass Effect and we should have some footage online next week too, so if you've been looking forward to that game, we'll have a walkthrough of parts of the game… which does look pretty interesting. 

Lazy trains on phone’s last day

It seems like I'm seeing more and more people sick of their job than ever lately. Maybe it's the climate. Maybe we're still clinging to our roots of a vacation country.

Maybe we're underpaid and the government continues to rip more wages off of us.

I could sleep for hours today. I bet the lady announcing the stops on the train could too. You can hear the lifelessness in her voice. She doesn't even care about if we're clueless on this train, only announcing the stop we're at in a tired who-gives-a-shit tone.

She's even making me sleepy.

This is my last day of the JasJam. That's probably the worst part of being a reviewer: giving stuff back. I've grown especially fond of this phone's keyboard which has allowed so many blogs to come to fruition. It's actually not the greatest phone and I see it more or less as a typewriter with GSM connectivity. Its battery life certainly indicates that it's better suited for typing rather than speaking allowing for maybe three times as much life when using the former (approx. 3 days to 1 day as a vocal communicator).

Running Windows, it has an incredibly irritating knack for moving the typing cursor at random moments to what I think is a fixed number of spaces back. Notepad does the same thing when it saves which makes me wonder if "Word Mobile" is little more than an oversized version of Notepad for the Windows Mobile system.

So this will be the last blog typed on these sets of keys. Despite constantly getting new toys to play with, the phone testing surplus has more or less dried up. I feel I'm going to actually have to b-b-buy a phone. My K750i is somewhere in my room and I can't find it, and even if I could, it was such a heap of shit I'd be very surprised if it ever actually accepted a phone call or did anything that wasn't aimed at a result of its own demise.

Yes, the Sony Ericsson K750i is a suicidal phone.

I don't know what it is. Maybe I'm just drained.