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Dirty & Gritty

While out on a photographic walk a couple of weeks ago, I decided to slap on my new infrared filter and get some shots (it’s new because my old one fit a different ring size and this one is larger).

This turned out to be a good idea as it let me flex my old infrared-enjoyment muscle. I think it’s called my “brain” or something.


Got no idea, really. But it was fun.

Plus, I love the grainy look I’ve always been able to pull out of the way I post-process things. The IR and the high-ISO that these images have only helps me think that this looks a hell of a lot better & more classic.


Of course, I could be wrong. Wait, no I can’t… it’s my opinion!

More images after the jump…

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Adult Substances, 2008

Click the image to see it bigger!

Click the image to see it bigger!

Click the image to see it bigger!

Click the image to see it bigger!

I'm not sure why I took these images. Boredom probably. I tend to take photos when I'm bored. 

Regardless, if you want to use them, have prints, or just make a comment… well… make a comment. 🙂

Wow! I take photos? Who knew?!

You might have noticed but there've been less updates lately.

I apologise for this, and I apologise profusely. My site – something I hold dear to my heart – has been left by the wayside lately as I'm often just too exhausted from working at work & side projects to add something to my site.

But not this week… for I have actually taken some photos this week… so…


Overloaded my friend… like an all you can eat buffet except replace the words "all you can eat" with "Leigh stuffing random crap down your throat while he holds your head to the wall".

This means you'll be enduring a "Leigh stuffing random crap down your throat while he hold your head to the wall BUFFET."

Oh yeah. Beat that Sizzler.


Ahh… back to my regular blogging self. Can't let those irritating script kiddies win, can I?

Anyway, this weekend I took some photos among other things and while I'll get to those other things later on (maybe… if I can be arsed), here are some photos that represent the theme "yellow", a theme of which I was given by way of more or less "drawing them out of a hat" (provided you consider Stubbsy's hand a hat… which it isn't… but you get the point anyway).



Click on the image to see it bigger!


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