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The Taxi Justification

In a city like Sydney, a place where the public transport system is thoroughly complex, it’s still very likely that you’ll end up needing to cab it from point A to point B.

Here’s why:

Imagine that you’re in Bondi and trying to get to the North Shore. It’s 6.50 on a Saturday night and you’re meeting some mates for a night on the town.


Upon leaving the home of one of Australia’s most famous beaches, you have two options. You could either:

  • A. Wait for a bus to take you out of Bondi, or
  • B. Walk up to the station.

Option A is a little like playing Russian Roulette. If the buses aren’t packed, you’ll get on one somewhat quickly, but since they’re always packed on a Saturday night as the Eastern Suburbanites make their way into the city, you are – for lack of a better word – screwed.

It is far easier to get into Bondi than it is out of it, a fact that is demonstrated every Friday & Saturday night as Sydney’s more West-bound people drive into the long narrow stretch that is Bondi Road leading into Campbell Parade pumping their music up to levels that left them deaf two weeks ago and hollering at your girlfriend to come check out their ride.

Your ride sucks, by the way. Stop bragging about your lo-jacked red Mitsubishi that’s fully sick when it’s about as classy as a ten dollar hooker throwing up on the sidewalk as you plead with her to come back to your place for some lovin’. She ain’t fooled and you ain’t fooling anyone either.

And yes, your ride still sucks.

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The Mardi Gras Transport Stuff-Up of 2009

In a little place called Sydney, a bunch of people in costumes with bright faces, make-up, and a sense of fun are all getting ready to go out and show the world just what it means to be themselves.

They've made floats and dresses and attached feathers and glitter and joy to all parts of their bodies. There'll be music that pumps and breaks through the crowd and Mardi Gras will show everyone that gays and lesbians are out and proud.

With parties being the order of the weekend, the police are out in full-force. It's only Friday and men & women in blue stand outside a train station while they hold teenage twenty-something drug offenders to the ground. The labrador who did the grunt-work sits ready to receive his pat, stroke, belly rub reward.

People walk by, walk on, wait for a bus or taxi, but mostly move on. No one wants to be a suspect or a criminal and no one would dare comment on the irony of ten officers nailing one person to the ground.

All throughout this, this little place's transport system attempts to serve the population by providing enough buses and trains to support demand. Enough means to get the people around, from place to place and point A to points B,C,D and F.

No one wants to go to E. We're all sick of it.
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