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Some people have lives, I have toys… or so says I.

And it is with that new quote of mine that I am showing off a new self-portrait of me complete with video of my new actions.

For I am…

Wall-Eigh. Walllleeeeiiiggghhh.

I mean… yeah… you can sort of get my name out of Wall-E speaking his name.

Video of my new body after the break, or just click on the above image for a bigger picture of Wall-Eigh!


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The Sigma Temptation

Geeze… that almost sounds like the next Dan Brown novel… but I wouldn't bore you with such crap like that.

Anyway, today Mike started at work with me… which is cool. I'll write more about that in a few days after he gets settled in.

But in the morning, I had my first real bought lens arrive on my desk… and I had to sit with there pretty much all day even though my camera was with me.

I couldn't take pictures with it as we had too much work to do. It just sat there… taunting me… stroking my neck and going "Leeeeiiiighhhh… you know you want to thrust me on to your camera hole… click it into place… and fire off a few shots… dontcha wish your Sigma was sharp like me, dontcha… dontcha dontcha dontcha…"

Seriously, if you ever order a lens, make sure you don't get a talking one. I might find myself getting turned on by a talking lens if I don't get laid soon (this is where you — the reader — finds someone to sleep with me… go on… I'll wait… ok, fine… I won't….)

Tonight though I decided to try my hands at some new self-portraits with my new Sigma 30 1.4…

Mmmm… freaky portraits… coooooool… (really, I don't have anything catchy or cool or cynical to end the blog with so I'm being lazy and ending it like I'm in a drugged out trance)