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The year in review, 2007

It's January 1st of the new year, 2008, and hopefully if all went according to the no-plan-plan I had going into this no-plan-plan I'm passed out with my head on the shoulder or chest of a girl who I've made out with in a drunken night of random kissing the evening prior.

Knowing my luck, I've probably just collapsed in a corner somewhere and am drooling in patterns that make Virgin Mary sightings seems like child's play.

Still, this is my first blog of the year… an automated message bringing you what I think is among the best of my blogs for the last year. 

How many people do you know that wrote around 250 blog entries in the one year?

The answer is probably obvious. 

None. You and your friends have lives.

Still, I'm planning a whole bunch more for this year ranging between crap for the Gimmick Guy, a year-long blog-ject (like a project but specifically for the blog), Chimp, and a bunch of other things that I won't burden with you right now.

So here is my year in review… some of it anyway. Some of it's happy. Some of it's sad. All of it is past-tense.

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Hey! Let’s fog some film!

Not intentionally, of course. Fogging film is wrong.

Bad, definitely bad. Bad. It's bad.

But I might do it unintentionally… cause I'm attempting to convert my Kodak from the 1920's / 1930's into a 35mm camera… mostly because 620 doesn't exist and I'd have to cut down 120 film for it anyway.

So here we go… the great 35mm test of 2007!

The end of 2007, anyway…