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Don’t get ripped off.

EB Games in Australia – bless their hearts – have found a way to rip off people from their hard-earned PlayStation 3.

The old PlayStation 3 – the 60GB model – has always been the superior entry. You got four USB ports, a card reader, and the technical ability to actually play back PS2 games (though most won't work). The current PlayStation 3 has 40GB and only has two USB ports, no card reader, and has the backwards compatibility removed.

Never mind the current PS3 because a new one is coming out later this week… one with an 80GB drive.

Nothing else has changed.

That's fine for new customers but what about current ones: what if they want a bigger hard drive?!

Well… they could upgrade the unit. Sony don't even mind… but EB have a different plan in mind for them.

I’ve got the first Gran Turismo 5 review…

…because I stayed back at work on the Thursday before the Easter long weekend an extra 2 hours to finish editing it as well as till 4.30 am the next day (sort of) working on finding a way to get it to fit in an upload on the Cyber Shack server.

In any case, I have the first GT5 review in Australia (woohoo! eat that!) as well as what looks like might be the first GT5 video review for the English translation in the world!


And if you click the jump for the to be continued bit, you can even see the video as well as the slightly higher res version at the Cyber Shack site. 


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Poor, poor Singstar

On Friday, camera-people from Nine's Today show came to Cyber Shack to get some video overlay of some new games.

Specifically Scene It for the Xbox 360, My Word Coach for the Wii, and Singstar for the PlayStation 3.

As an interesting note, it'll be Singstar's first use on Australian TV. Free promotion and stuff.

It's just a shame for Singstar that it has to be me singing a U2 song. 😛 

Message from a PSP

Holy fuck! Writing on a PSP is fucking awful! This thing really does need a touchscreen like the DS has. This blog entry has been written on a PSP and is a real insight into the misery and uselessness of the "advanced" functionality of the PlayStation Portable…

EDIT: This took almost 15 minutes to write on the PSP. Go efficiency! It's actually faster to SMS it!