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April Fools Day 2009: The niPod

I've been doing April Fools Day jokes online for long enough to know that there are good ideas and bad ideas.

This year, I had a rather indifferent idea.

Click on the image to see it bigger… 

Introducing the Nikon iPod or the niPod. The idea is an iPod Classic merged with a Nikon Coolpix camera modeled off of something like the S52c.

You can read all about it The Gadget Grill where the announcement landed.

Click on the image to see it bigger…

Honestly, it's not my best work. It's good Photoshop work but not a great AFD joke. 

We actually were working on something big but it didn't get out in time. I think I've put far too much creative energy into my Easter Boxes, to be honest, and didn't start working on the April Fools Day stuff 'till late.

Leigh forgot his belt today

I forgot my belt today.

My waist feels more free than it ever has in years of servitude. I keep it locked behind chain & key (or at least buckle & hole) and now it is freeeeeeeee.

It even has more e's than the Eee.

But I still feel odd without it. As if I need to constantly watch or hold onto my belt loops just in case it could fall down at any second revealing my hairy chicken legs and Casper white thighs.

My old Russian Art teacher jokingly suggested over email that I use the D700 strap as a belt.


Could this be the world's first and only full-frame belt?

…yeah. Not super effective and holding pants up. Nice try, though. Very stylish.