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The year in review, 2007

It's January 1st of the new year, 2008, and hopefully if all went according to the no-plan-plan I had going into this no-plan-plan I'm passed out with my head on the shoulder or chest of a girl who I've made out with in a drunken night of random kissing the evening prior.

Knowing my luck, I've probably just collapsed in a corner somewhere and am drooling in patterns that make Virgin Mary sightings seems like child's play.

Still, this is my first blog of the year… an automated message bringing you what I think is among the best of my blogs for the last year. 

How many people do you know that wrote around 250 blog entries in the one year?

The answer is probably obvious. 

None. You and your friends have lives.

Still, I'm planning a whole bunch more for this year ranging between crap for the Gimmick Guy, a year-long blog-ject (like a project but specifically for the blog), Chimp, and a bunch of other things that I won't burden with you right now.

So here is my year in review… some of it anyway. Some of it's happy. Some of it's sad. All of it is past-tense.

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Cheap CD’s! Cheap CD’s!!!

In case you're curious and you live in Sydney, the big HMV on Pitt St. is closing down today. End of August and all.

Closing down.

For good.

Mike and I headed down there after work yesterday. There's a whole smattering of CD's t-shirts, and crappy DVD's on tables as well as literally "what's left" in the aisles and they're taking 50% off everything.

I'll give you an example. Mike got the rare-in-Australia Up In The Attic import disc from Alien Ant Farm for 15 bucks instead of the original price of 30.

I got the Dave Matthews Band DualDisc edition of Stand Up for 5 bucks (down from 30) and a disc I've been wanting since I pretty much started watching MTV when I went to school in Texas, Live's Secret Samadhi … for 5 bucks.

There's a little bit of jazz… actually, there's probably still quite a lot of jazz left… but they've closed the jazz section and just emptied the discs on a table. So… you'll have to dig around to find something you want… but in case you've always wanted some CD's but were always too cheap to get them, get your ass down there now and see if they have them for cheap before they close today. 

Experience More… sort of.

It's late and my foot is itchy… which probably means… that my foot is itchy. Tonight I was at a Howarth Masquerade Ball of which I should have images for tomorrow on my blog. However, since I haven't updated in a bit…

Last week, my brother and I headed to the "Sony. Experience. More." thingy on at Darling Harbour. As press, we were privvy to press stuff… which basically means we get there earlier with less people as well as a mini press conference thingy.

My brother Michael speaking to one of the people at Sony in the computer division. 

Anyway, here are some pictures from that event (because I'm lazy, tired, and a combination of other things I don't care about mentioning) as well as some text about it.

First up… Australian rock band The Androids played as we walked in…

The Androids! Click on it to get a bigger version!  

The Androids! Click on it to get a bigger version!  

So there we were… at the Sony experience… experiencing more… or less… or something.

Look at those shiny Sony lights… doesn't it just make you want purchase something not made by Sony…

It's like that bear statement… "lions, tigers and bears oh my"… Well… TV's and digital cameras and video cameras and… audio (oh my!)… including these cool things: 

They're really tiny satellite speakers. They're wired… which is unfortunate because they'd be brilliant if they could run off of Bluetooth or some other wireless technology. Anyway, they mostly send the highs but less of the mids which the subwoofer now helps to send out. Cool device though. I'll take some.  

This thingy was kind of cool. It's apparently a Sony A-series prototype.

I'm not really sure about the authenticity of this to be honest. It looks a lot like a Sony A-series body with a battery grip attached to the bottom rather than a professional Sony A-series body, though the prism on the top is a nice touch, especially if they're trying to give a nod to those of us who like the old-school styling. The manual control switch at the base of the lens mount looks interesting…

…but I'm far more interested in the Carl Zeiss 85mm 1.4 lens on the front of that thing. I'll take one. I don't have a Sony camera and I'm not likely to buy one… maybe because it's got "Sony" written on it or because it doesn't perform as well as its Konica Minolta predecessor… but a Zeiss lens would be nice…

Sony had some people there making lollies from those lolly stores around the Westfields and what not. Quite nice actually. I still have some.

They were imprinted with the word "SONY" in blue on the white bits in the middle so when I ate them, they burned holes in my flesh… you know, being evil and all. Or me being good.

Or something like that.

I never know anymore, to be honest. Good, bad, evil, sexy, anal… shit, it's all the same these days.

More images in the "continued reading" bit… 

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