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Khartoum Capers’ “Transit Lounge” is done!

Well here it is, my finished work after 2 years on & off working on it.

Transit Lounge. 

Click on the final production still to see it bigger!


If I ever have to make something like this, I'm story boarding it. Seriously. That would have made things so much easier.

Truth be told, however, if I didn't have Tash (my girlfriend) in my life, I doubt I would have finished it. She inspires me and keeps me inspired.

In any case, more pictures in the "continued reading" bit as well as the link to the full animation.

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Transit Lounge Preview

I'm almost done. I started it around 2 years ago and thanks to full-time work (and laziness) haven't been able to get this animated project done.

But with the Christmas-New Year break as well as some new-found inspiration that I'm lucky enough to have been gifted with in the past couple of months, I am almost done. 🙂

Here are some shots of how Transit Lounge is looking (click on the images for larger versions)…

More images in the "to be continued" bit. 🙂

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That’s My Mum!

My Mum is a music artist.

You probably didn't realise this. I was creating an animated music video for her up until recently. One of these days, I'll try to finish it: multi-layered animation while you're holding up a regular job where you work over-time kinda kills the time you get for animation a bit.

Anyway, now my Mum's band – Khartoum Capers – has been signed.

Go look. 🙂