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Thursday Design & Graphic Linkfest!

To shed my Firefox of its weight (because I have hundreds of tabs open), here are some of the links you might want to look at this week (but only next week if you’re feeling… sexy):

If you’re not yet aware of the genius that is the site Smashing Magazine, please introduce yourself to it now. It is a must have for designers and graphic-lovers alike. If you’re into WordPress (which I know many of you are), then it’s got a lot there you can work with.

For instance they give you help for testing your new site, have a nice detailed list of lots of brilliant free fonts (get into your typography now… this is the first time I’m telling you), and a great page on WordPress theme frameworks to help you build that brand spankin’ new WordPress theme you’re thinking of doing (more on that later in the page).

SpeckyBoy has an interesting set of bits and pieces on its site. It doesn’t seem to be a feature-laden as Smashing Magazine, but it’s still quite a good site regardless.

I don’t use Joomla anymore, but these nice templates might help someone who does. WordPress is better than Joomla, though, and here’s how to make it a lot more professional by way of plugins. And if you’re into your photography, you’re either a Lightroom user or a Photoshop user (the two are very different). So if you’re a user of Adobe’s blend of Bridge, Photoshop, RAW Conversion, and ease-of-use, you might want to look up this list of Lightroom presets. The Photoshop junkies might want to get their head around HDR instead.

There’s also the inspiration to love typography. I love my fonts. Do you love your fonts? How about your words? Do you dig ’em yet? 🙂

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