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Found Sites – May 15, 2009

Since I open an almost obscene amount of tabs every day in my Firefox (and never end up closing them), I’m going to start running this section to force me to close them.

This new bit on my blog is like a bandage, alcohol swab, and a coagulant to stop me from bleeding excess pages into my system.

In any case, this week I found…

kindofbloop_notypefull“Kind Of Bloop” is an interesting project about making jazz from the 8-bit digital form that made the sounds from Nintendo’s early games so… well… existent.

If the art doesn’t grab you, you don’t know your music or your video games.

And if that’s the case, well… go play some Mario while listening to Miles.


This week, my Guitar Hero 3 controller decided to not strum down. How nice for it! How freakin’ nice of it to not function the way it’s supposed to!!!

You know what? I blame Activision.

Mind you, blaming them doesn’t get me anything. My Les Paul video game axe is still broken.

Regardless, here’s a site that tells you how to fix it.

Plus Kevin Smith explains how he didn’t get to do the Superman movie, a building decided to not be found, this Australian winery rocks, why I might start drinking a ridiculous amount of white tea even if it ends up tasting like nothing, how you can read the New York Times on your computer, and that Four Corners story everyone was talking about this week.

Guitar Hero 3: I can’t get no… satisfaction.

I've been playing Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock for the Xbox 360 over the course of this weekend and I really only have one thing to say about it:

To whom do I issue the medical bill at Activision?

Really, that's the question I have to ask because after playing it for only a couple of days, my wrist is killing me more than what four to five hours of straight masturbation would cause. Seriously, I can barely flex or ball up my pinky finger on my left hand without feeling a pinch in my wrist.

So, to whom do I issue the medical bill at Activision?

It's an odd situation when you have a game that doesn't accomplish much more than a slightly intriguing vertical sensation when you look back from the screen and a sore arm. I'm not used to games that don't actually warn about injury when they should.

Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock is one such title.

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Leigh’s Top Ten of 2007!

Now that we've gotten the not-so-top ten, we should move on to the real top ten…

If you haven't played one of these games, go out and do so now. 

Seriously, this is the good shit… and it's taken me around 2 days to write this post… so like it… or don't… really, it's your call.

Now can you guess which game will be my top game of the year before you click the jump? 😛

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Leigh’s Not-So Top Ten of 2007!

This was a big year for games.

Lots of interesting titles, lots of brilliant titles, and lots of… well… absolutely pointless titles that made me bash my head against walls for days on end while I contemplated just how moronic the reviews would sound.

And so coming up in the next few days, I will be presenting Leigh's Top Ten Games of 2007! 

But right now… I'm not.

You see I am a cock tease. Or a game cock tease. Or an Xbox controller tease. Perhaps I'm a Dual Shock Cock tease. Who knows.

Anyway, this post is for the games that noooo!!!– just missed out on taking a spot in the Top 10 list of 2007 for whatever reason. Maybe they were too repetitive… maybe they just weren't my cup of tea.

Either way, these are the games that just missed out.



Not in any particular order…

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