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The beginning of 2009

It's only the first few days of 2009 and already I'm feeling good.


My animation is done.
While a few things need to be cleaned up (fades, small animation pieces, possibly some colour & contrast issues), the animation that I've been working on for so long is done. Finished. Completed.

It feels good to be done with it, and the response from people who've seen it so far have been nothing short of blown away & amazed. I'm not just tooting my own horn here (do people even say that anymore?), people really do seem to like my stuff.

So yeah… online soon. Just working out the bugs. Should be done by Saturday easily. 

I'll probably work on getting a high definition version ready too. Not sure yet.

The Gadget Grill is being noticed… by iTunes.
Search around on iTunes in the podcast directory and if you hit various sections, you'll find me at the moment. I'm on their fourth tab in the Gadgets podcasting section for Technology under "New & Notable" and in the first tab for "New & Notable" in the audio podcast section for Gadgets under Technology.

Click on the image to see my fame! (sort of) 😛

Pretty cool and I'm enjoying making the show with my Dad. If you haven't checked it out, you might want to do that.


Leigh gets his own radio show!

After dabbling a little in random radio efforts on 2RDJ – the station Dad's been doing a jazz show on for a bit – I now am getting my own radio show… on… technology!

The show is called "The Gadget Grill" and I'm trying to connect a website to it for every thing we talk about. It's… gadgets… games… reviews… basically making the whole technology thing a hell of a lot easier than it is… in a talk show sort of format with a bit of music.

Regardless, if you're in Sydney you can catch it Sundays at 9pm on 88.1 2RDJ or online at

We'll also be putting up the podcasts on The Gadget Grill site every week so you can catch up on what we're talking about.

In any case, I'm sticking the two promos we've got for it below for you to listen to (either hit play in the little black thing to play it in your browser or hit the link to download it)…

Holiday Promo (download link)

Regular Promo (download link)