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Dee before I leave for the day

Without wanting the title sounding like an Eiffel 65 song which I wish didn't reverberate in the back of my skull, here is a picture of the lovely Deanna Mushins that I shot last night after our little NAS Photography reunion… which you're going to wish you'd had been invited to.

Well you will later.

By the time I'm through writing about it, anyway.

Cool picture, huh. 

Friday Night Drinks

I wrote this on Friday night on the way back from work so excuse the "I"'s as they're from Friday.

Tonight, we had drinks after work.

Justyn, Sarah, Nat, Tim, Jake as well as our usual drinking buddy of Nat's friend Laura.

And I would be writing about it while smelling the smoky cotton smell on my wrist if this bus wasn't so god damned bumpy.

I mean fuck, you should see this writing.

Right now, I'm sitting in the bus on the way home with some dickhead guys who are chilling in seats and looking around at the bus as if they owned the place.

I dare not fall asleep lest I wake up without my nice hat.

I'll be home soon anyway.

Home where my brain will linger on the same topic while I turn on my computer, feed the cat, take off my shoes, take off my socks. My brain will analyse the night and catalogue every word I spoke at drinks.

Frankly, it's all very relative and yet it's not at the same time. 

Click on this murky inner-city landscape if you want to see it bigger!

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…okay, maybe not bowling. How about pizza?

So I was supposed to go bowling with Juliet & Wendell but — agh, typical Wendell — one of his shoots went over time so Juliet and I wandered around town looking for something to do.

First we tried the Imax but the movies all had icky starting times so then we tried George St. but there was nothing on there that we wanted to see.

This is already beginning to sound like The Three Bears… and Juliet is blond. Does that make her Goldilocks? 

Anyway, so we headed back to her car parked around the back of Darling Harbour and as we headed towards Darlinghurst thinking of one of the Palace cinemas, we got a call from Wendell. Back to town we went picking up the fashion photographer and heading to dinner somewhere else.

I love this photo I shot of Juliet talking to Wendell. Such colour… such… wait– did I just get a colour shot?!

This is the story of that dinner.  (Okay, it's not really a story… it's a post.)

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First drinks then bowling…

After a long day at the office without a lunch break (grumble, grumble, waiting for something that didn't happen, grumble), the friends & co-workers suggested I should come out for drinks with them.

I initially was more of a "naaaaahhhh, I'll just wait to go out with my friends by playing video games at the office," but then something in my mind ticked over and said "Leigh, you're being a douchebag. These people actually want to drink with you. It's not just a load of crap."

So I agreed and as they waited for me downstairs, I packed all my crap up and then joined them.

And then we all headed in a great big packed train off to Jackson's on George for drinking, random conversations about Jennifer Hawkins, the occasional yelling at the fuckwits across the road walking to a party and dressed like the douchebag Corey, and all manner of things.

And yes, I took pictures.

Click the "to be continued" thing (it's called a "jump") to see them. And if you want to hear my occasional blurb on my thoughts during the drinking. If you're into that.

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