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Gimmick Guy No. 2: Very grr baby!

Today we're thinking like a tiger, Tony the Tiger, you're Tony the Tiger, now growl for me, your grrreeattt!, yes now show me some stripes, show me, show me, let me put my head in your mouth, don't close it, snap!, gerrr… very growling baby, very– I need to stop this right now. I could do that all day but there's no one else to make laugh other than the blinking text cursor… and it never laughs at my "jokes".

Getting back on-topic with whatever the topic is supposed to be, today's Gimmick Guy — the second of the series — looks at Tiger Ginger Beer. I don't know why. I saw it in the supermarket, I don't think I'd ever seen it before, and it was the idea of a ginger beer with ginseng that made my Gimmick Meter go off. So I've bought it, tried it, reviewed it, and now you can watch it.

Today's Gimmick Guy comes in at a Flash download of 5.5mb.

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