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The fifth best restaurant… in the world

On Tuesday night, I dined at the lair of a great.

HP launched a bunch of new products tonight and some of the lucky press got to see just a taste of what it's like to eat at what's considered the fifth best restaurant in the world. The world, people!

And the best in Australia!

I don't know what "Three Chef's Hats" means but I'm guessing it's something bloody impressive if it's the top honour from  the Sydney Morning Herald.

The menu was preset and at a price of $195 per person with $90 for the wine set with it, HP sure didn't go cheap on us.

Want to know how it fared in the minds of a cynical writer who swears that some of his food is out to kill him (that would be me)?

UPDATED!!! (I've now got some videos to show the texture… why, it's almost like being there!… except not) 


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Mocha or Malt?

Tonight saw me going out with Juliet. We went to the noodle market at Hyde Park celebrating the Good Food month for October and had some… well… good food.

I should probably suggest to everyone to go down there. Go. Now. If you're thinking of what to do tonight and you were going to avoid the city because you fear a giant marshmallow monster would gobble you up and make you his marshmallow bitch, then seek help immediately. Otherwise if you have no excuse, check out the noodle market. It's only on for two more days and the eating's cheap and very tasty. I highly recommend.

Anyway, Juliet and I were out after dinner, after strolling through the Art & About entries, when we decided that we needed to warm up. Coffee. That sort of warming up. You know.

So we wandered around town trying to find a coffee shop.

An open coffee shop.

Maybe even one with a book shop in it, connected to, or nearby.

An open book shop.

What the hell is it with places in Sydney? I feel like I'm back in Modesto and everything closes at 7! Oh wait, it does.

Why does everything close at 7 in the city? It's almost as if the clock strikes seven and the culture just gets drained from the city, like water in a bath.

Another odd thing is how many coffee shops there aren't.

Seriously, there are not a lot of coffee shops. Sure, we've got Gloria Jeans' House Of God (just a sprinkle of Jesus inside every cup) and Starbucks. There's also Krispy Kreme and Macca's f you're going for the ultimate in coffee desperation.

But where are the coffee shops?

Have people traded mocha for malt?

I'm wondering if they have. There are loads more bars, pubs, and nightclubs than I think there ever have been and a stroll down one of the main streets in Sydney seems to yield options for alcoholic beverages but virtually none for the caffeinated conversation starter.

And that's just sad.

What ever happened to the romance of sitting across from someone, staring into their eyes or just enjoying a nice cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and just realising that it's nice to be able to share the aroma and taste with someone?

It seems as though we're throwing it away just to get laid. To dress up and look like total dingbats while we shed our wallets in the hope that Mr. Happy or Lady Labia gets a little attention tonight.

We eventually settled at the Queen Victoria Building at a place called Jet. The menu was nice and Juliet had a small pot of English Breakfast, I had a hot chocolate with Drambuie, and we shared a babychino. It was nice, relaxing, and easy. We chatted and chilled.

It's the way conversation should be. Not yelling at each other while downing rocket fuel that was made so badly it really does taste like rocket fuel. Not trying to go deaf just to hear "CAN WE GO SOMEWHERE QUIETER?" so she can tell you that it's been fun but she'd rather not go home with you tonight, only to never be heard from again.

Where's the romance in that?

After Juliet headed home, I took the bus back home. My bus goes straight up Oxford Street and I found it interesting to note that while Oxford Street has its fair share of nightclubs, it also has a fair amount of coffee shops. So the city is bustling there but not actually IN the city.
Something tells me Newtown and Balmain would each have similar situations.

I don't know. Perhaps it's the 15 ml's of Drambuie talking but there's something kind of wasted about a loss of coffee shops to the nightclub movement.


Loaded with Vitamin Bullshit!

I probably should have seen this one coming, especially since I think it was Choice Magazine reported on this only too recently.

I have a bottle of Ribena. I'm drinking it because blackcurrant juice usually has a lot of Vitamin C added to it like most juices do. Anyway, some of the past bottles of Ribena I've had seem to indicate that it's rich in Vitamin C. Well… not so.

In fact, it seems to be only rich in sugar. Lots of sugar. Loads of fucking sugar. More sugar than a sugar factory. Sugarrific. So sugar-filled that I can't stop writing about sugar. It's just so sugar-tastic. Sugar-mania. Can't be sugar-fucking-phobic when drinking Ribena because it's nickname is Sugarina. 

And in case you didn't get the message behind all of this as I begin to take my lunch break:

Ribena is more sugar than fruit.

Hell, an anvil is more fruit than Ribena. It's just that fucking sugar filled.

Like seriously… 62grams of sugar for a 500ml serving. On what fucking planet did GlaxoSmithKline think that was acceptable. It's like saying "here, have some of our new HyperFuckedUpSugarWater! Did we mention it's purple?! And loaded with sugar!"

They must have an agreement with dentists where they get paid lots of money in exchange for dentists getting more work. 

Gimmick Guy No. 4: Soothe your… err.. gag reflex…

Being mentally disturbed and naturally curious lets you be pretty free in the sort of things you try. As such, I decided one weekend I'd try this weird drink. Iy's not really a gimmick but it's gimmicky enough for me.

Just… don't drink it. That was my mistake…

Today's Gimmick Guy comes in at a Flash download of 6mb.

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Gimmick Guy No. 3: Java Jive

Before I started work a couple of weeks ago, I decided to try a new muesli bar to see if it'd help me through the day. Now, I don't like muesli bars. I don't pretend to like them. I imagine if I did a pig would come along and gnaw at my face for pretending to.

But these were coffee flavoured muesli bars. Okay. I'm game. 

Today's Gimmick Guy comes in at a Flash download of 6mb.

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