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Totally addicted to grapes.

Your grapevine is chewing up my mind.

Grapey grapey…


I’m totally addicted to grapes.


Ok. So that was mostly a way of putting pictures of grapes on the screen while I made a parody of the old Josh Abrahams song “Addicted To Bass”. But I bet you didn’t know that it was also a test for the Talkr plugin I’ve currently got installed on this blog that lets you listen to the blog.

Go on, click the bit that says “Listen to this post” to hear the crazy computerised voice of Silicon Sarah* (not her real name) sing “Totally Addicted To Grapes”.

Or say it, anyway.


Here’s an infrared photo of a vineyard in the Hunter just in case you’re still annoyed at the lack of parody lyrics I’ve provided.

Seriously, I’m digging grapes at the moment.

32cm Soft Serve (Really, really big ice cream)

My brother decided to show me something a little different today after we had dinner at Ramen Kan.

What follows is big. 

I mean big. Really big. Big as in "this could seriously look like you're carrying it around making up for something you don't have if you're a guy".

You know… if you're cynical like that… which I of course am.

In any case, I now present to you the 32cm Soft Serve…

Click on the image to see it (disturbingly) bigger!

That is one big ice cream, and at $2.70 it doesn't taste too bad either (you know, for soft serve, that is).

That picture actually isn't quite 32cm because by that time, I'd already eaten a little bit off of the top. It's bloody close though. Disturbingly close.

I think they should have offered a mint version or an apple one or something because – with a little bit of green – it could look just like a Christmas tree! 

In any case, if you want a 32cm Soft Serve, head to the convenience store next to Hungry Jacks on George St. in Sydney. 🙂

…okay, maybe not bowling. How about pizza?

So I was supposed to go bowling with Juliet & Wendell but — agh, typical Wendell — one of his shoots went over time so Juliet and I wandered around town looking for something to do.

First we tried the Imax but the movies all had icky starting times so then we tried George St. but there was nothing on there that we wanted to see.

This is already beginning to sound like The Three Bears… and Juliet is blond. Does that make her Goldilocks? 

Anyway, so we headed back to her car parked around the back of Darling Harbour and as we headed towards Darlinghurst thinking of one of the Palace cinemas, we got a call from Wendell. Back to town we went picking up the fashion photographer and heading to dinner somewhere else.

I love this photo I shot of Juliet talking to Wendell. Such colour… such… wait– did I just get a colour shot?!

This is the story of that dinner.  (Okay, it's not really a story… it's a post.)

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