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People with style. Maybe.

It's a quarter to eight in the morning on my day off and I'm sitting in a bus in a line of cars heading into the city.

It's a cold day. Everyone is bundled up and wearing something warm; not a t-shirt in sight.

It's my day off and I'm up early.  I didn't even want the full day off though, merely the morning.

As I sit in a queue that barely moves, I curl my toes up in the thick cotton socks keeping the coldest parts of me warm.

I'm on my way to support Bowie at RAFW. He's invited me out every year since I've started working for him, but until now I've always had something else to do. Ironically, I would have had an interview to do but I've decided to make this a priority.

I've never attended a fashion show before. I hope I don't fall asleep.

"Just look at the hot model girls," my brain tells me. "Then you'll be fine."


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Leigh’s Big Night Out (The Written One)

People… Santa is one hot bitch.

The Jewish Santa that is, or so say some of the models from Thursday nights' outing.

“Ah yes,” you say. “Leigh must have something slightly more interesting to talk about other than him being sick or trying out a new gadget. Maybe this is one of those entries that someone other than me might be interested in.”

And then you'd quickly ask “Is there any nudity?” To which I'd reply… “no”. Followed by “I wish”.

The reason “I wish” is because tonight saw me as the plus-one of Wendell Teodoro at the Chadwick… thingy. Seriously, I don't know what it was. It was a party of some kind with some element of free booze with lots of beautiful women (and if you were so male inclined, probably beautiful men… who were gay).

Okay… I'm going to try to remember names here… from the left… Emma (on the bottom), Amanda (?!) on the top, then Wendell and then… Pip!


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Leigh’s Big Night Out (The Unwritten One)

So I know I might have the odd person or two visiting this site expecting to see pictures and a blog of last night.

And you will.

Just not right now. I'm at work. Posting this in a spare moment while an image uploads.

But I will be putting something online hopefully later on tonight (if I'm not out and knowing my luck, I won't be).

I even started writing it when I got home last night.

But for the moment, here's a picture that more or less sums up the evening… you know, something to whet your appetites…


Sorry, err… umm… Wendell took that while drunk. Let's try that again. 

Something that more or less shows what last night's Chadwick party was all about.

Pip, Lauren and Wendell.

Ahhh… much better. More later. 😛

Masquerade in Black & White

Last Thursday (so… a week from around when today… sort of…), Howarth — a PR firm (I think) — ran a masquerade ball up in The Rocks on Argyle St.

Rick from CBN Media on the left and John Hepworth — a freelancer tech journalist — on the right.

There were people and drinks and little bits of what I'm sure some people recognise as food and while I'd normally write a big thing on it, I'm probably just going to give you a photographic journey with mostly captions beneath it because I'm really tired and I've been wanting to post these images for a few days now (and I just haven't gotten around to it).

So here it is… my lifeless (semi) blog entry filled with pictures of pretty people with the occasional side order of nifty story!

My brother on the left and Kim on the right.

My brother now works with me and since Howarth deal with us frequently, we both went to the ball. My brother's cool, by the way.
And there's Kim… if you go back about a month through my blog, you'll find Kim. I met her at the Bowie party which later got featured in the Herald when I kissed the lovely Kim on the cheek. 

Kim and Wendell.

Yes, that's Wendell. The Wendell. Fashion photographer and buddy Wendell was there assisting the gorgeous photographer Juliet, who was shooting the event.

That's Juliet. It's an image that doesn't need a caption. Beauty needs not to be defined, it only needs to exist. I don't know who said that. I don't think anyone said that. If it hasn't been said yet, I'll take credit for that and when you're out in public and you need to use it, credit me with either "a great man once said" or "a stupid fucking fool said". Anyway… 

At the party, there was a giant block of ice with the Howarth logo in it. People were running Vodka throughout it and taking shots. Alas, I have no pictures of that.

I do however have pictures of really pretty people.

Would you like to see really pretty people? (Okay, but only because you pretended to not ask silently by not asking at all… geeze, I give in far too easily)

Kim looks gorgeous against the light.

Juliet looks good. Very very very good. She could represent any scene…

It should be noted that Juliet is gorgeous. If you haven't picked up on that yet or need it reinforced in a different way (and honestly, I'm not sure how I'd prove it to you), Juliet is a stunning girl.

Wow. Really wow.

Lots of wow.

It's hard to look bad in Sepia. Juliet does it better. She looks freakin' amazing!

One of the neatest things in The Argyle was actually the toilets. They have got to have some of the most peculiar toilets I've seen. As a guy, you head to the cubicles and you're greeted with a shared sex area for the bathrooms. Not just that, there are around 5 personal cubicles. They look more like elongated oyster shells and you have to walk around them to find an empty one.

For the most part, it feels like you're pissing on modern art which in itself is a strange sensation albeit not an unexpected one, especially with today's art world. 

More images in the "to be continued" bit. 

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Notebook Runway

Certainly one of the more interesting methods of getting the press and tech journalists interested in new products, Toshiba launched their new laptop range with specific targets of their new Portege R500 and their high-end Qosmio by… putting on a fashion show.

Sort of.

Click on the image to get a slightly bigger version!

It was a fashion show per se as there was a designers wares (clothing) being shown off… but the primary intention was models walking down a runway holding laptops… fanning themselves with laptops… doing stuff with laptops…

Click on the image to get a slightly bigger version!

The highlight came at the end when the models were walking off of the runway with the laptops and planting them on the tables that those of us press people were sitting at. One of the girls came over and planted a Qosmio, the big and powerful one on the table I was seated at. She opened it up and we were greeted with… a blue screen of death. Go Vista, go!

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