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…okay, maybe not bowling. How about pizza?

So I was supposed to go bowling with Juliet & Wendell but — agh, typical Wendell — one of his shoots went over time so Juliet and I wandered around town looking for something to do.

First we tried the Imax but the movies all had icky starting times so then we tried George St. but there was nothing on there that we wanted to see.

This is already beginning to sound like The Three Bears… and Juliet is blond. Does that make her Goldilocks? 

Anyway, so we headed back to her car parked around the back of Darling Harbour and as we headed towards Darlinghurst thinking of one of the Palace cinemas, we got a call from Wendell. Back to town we went picking up the fashion photographer and heading to dinner somewhere else.

I love this photo I shot of Juliet talking to Wendell. Such colour… such… wait– did I just get a colour shot?!

This is the story of that dinner.  (Okay, it's not really a story… it's a post.)

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First drinks then bowling…

After a long day at the office without a lunch break (grumble, grumble, waiting for something that didn't happen, grumble), the friends & co-workers suggested I should come out for drinks with them.

I initially was more of a "naaaaahhhh, I'll just wait to go out with my friends by playing video games at the office," but then something in my mind ticked over and said "Leigh, you're being a douchebag. These people actually want to drink with you. It's not just a load of crap."

So I agreed and as they waited for me downstairs, I packed all my crap up and then joined them.

And then we all headed in a great big packed train off to Jackson's on George for drinking, random conversations about Jennifer Hawkins, the occasional yelling at the fuckwits across the road walking to a party and dressed like the douchebag Corey, and all manner of things.

And yes, I took pictures.

Click the "to be continued" thing (it's called a "jump") to see them. And if you want to hear my occasional blurb on my thoughts during the drinking. If you're into that.

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Leigh’s Big Night Out (The Written One)

People… Santa is one hot bitch.

The Jewish Santa that is, or so say some of the models from Thursday nights' outing.

“Ah yes,” you say. “Leigh must have something slightly more interesting to talk about other than him being sick or trying out a new gadget. Maybe this is one of those entries that someone other than me might be interested in.”

And then you'd quickly ask “Is there any nudity?” To which I'd reply… “no”. Followed by “I wish”.

The reason “I wish” is because tonight saw me as the plus-one of Wendell Teodoro at the Chadwick… thingy. Seriously, I don't know what it was. It was a party of some kind with some element of free booze with lots of beautiful women (and if you were so male inclined, probably beautiful men… who were gay).

Okay… I'm going to try to remember names here… from the left… Emma (on the bottom), Amanda (?!) on the top, then Wendell and then… Pip!


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Leigh’s Big Night Out (The Unwritten One)

So I know I might have the odd person or two visiting this site expecting to see pictures and a blog of last night.

And you will.

Just not right now. I'm at work. Posting this in a spare moment while an image uploads.

But I will be putting something online hopefully later on tonight (if I'm not out and knowing my luck, I won't be).

I even started writing it when I got home last night.

But for the moment, here's a picture that more or less sums up the evening… you know, something to whet your appetites…


Sorry, err… umm… Wendell took that while drunk. Let's try that again. 

Something that more or less shows what last night's Chadwick party was all about.

Pip, Lauren and Wendell.

Ahhh… much better. More later. 😛

The fifth best restaurant… in the world

On Tuesday night, I dined at the lair of a great.

HP launched a bunch of new products tonight and some of the lucky press got to see just a taste of what it's like to eat at what's considered the fifth best restaurant in the world. The world, people!

And the best in Australia!

I don't know what "Three Chef's Hats" means but I'm guessing it's something bloody impressive if it's the top honour from  the Sydney Morning Herald.

The menu was preset and at a price of $195 per person with $90 for the wine set with it, HP sure didn't go cheap on us.

Want to know how it fared in the minds of a cynical writer who swears that some of his food is out to kill him (that would be me)?

UPDATED!!! (I've now got some videos to show the texture… why, it's almost like being there!… except not) 


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