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Vivid begins now

If you weren’t walking around the city last night, you might not have seen that the light and art festival that is Vivid has started.

So far, I haven’t walked around much of the festival. It goes for a month starting from yesterday and ending on June 21, probably with some sort of drama like last year. There was a boat on fire that everyone wanted to see that night. It turned out it was more exciting to imagine a boat on fire.

This year, I’m seeing a lot of blue.

Maybe that’s because blue is in. Perhaps people have finally got the hang of the death star blue light from the original Antec Sonata (oh yes, I am THAT much of a geek) and now they’re saying “hey look, I can do that too”.

Or maybe they’re all being anti-drug and setting up black lights that come out as blue to stop people injecting in the street. Because people do that. Or don’t.

I’m not sure why you’d take a hit of something by state parliament. Maybe you lost a cause or something. I’m fairly sure taking a hit won’t help you find it again.

Regardless, Vivid’s on now throughout the city of Sydney. Have a walk through the town at night and take a gander. If you see anything that looks out of place, chances are it’s for Vivid. Or the Biennale. Or an expo. Or… actually, there’s lots of reasons why something can look out of place here.

Ignore that last statement. Instead, adhere to the following: go to the light!