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Easter 2009: Mario, Portal, Tetris, and an oldie!

Last year I painted some cubes for the office so people could enjoy Easter the way I thought they should… with free chocolate.

Seriously, I'm a Jew. I couldn't give a damn about all that Bible crap. I care about the chocolate, the cocoa, white chocolate, truffles, praline, and little bits of aluminium foil that wrap it up.

I also care about showing how much I care so this year I took my cubes one step forward. 

Friends in tech journalism got a taste of what's above while family got what's below.

Step inside to see that chaos & anarchy that only Easter and paint can provide…

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Soap-tastic M&M’s

There's a green pack of M&M's labeled "NEW" at my local 7/11. The packet contains "Mint-tastic M&M's", what I would have only assumed to be a blend of mint and chocolate.

Here is my review: avoid. 

I eat a lot of things and like a lot of weird things but these things are more like little bite-sized pieces of toilet soap. They remind me of that bit from American Psycho (the book, not the film) where Bateman pours chocolate all over a toilet cake.

Mint candy shells and chocolate inside? Why that's just…


How this Jew celebrates Easter

Trust a Jew – albeit a Disturbed Jew – to show his office the true meaning of Easter.

And since I don't actually know what the true meaning of Easter is, I'm going to bludge it and make up some random crap that says "the true meaning of Easter is…"

Only I'm not going to say it.

Yes, I just might leave you hanging in disbelief thinking "how can this Disturbed Jew – wait, what is a Disturbed Jew – nevermind, how can this Disturbed Jew teach me what the meaning of Easter is when he doesn't even know himself?"

Well the answer is simple.



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