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One of the projects you may not have seen that I’ve started up is called “SackBoy Lives Here!” which is an art project designed to make people smile.

SackBoy Looks Up

SackBoy Looks Up

The idea revolves around the character of SackBoy from Sony’s & Media Molecule’s “LittleBigPlanet” exploring our own planet with his own heightened curiosity. He’s one of the only one of his kind and he’s got a friend there to take pictures of him.

I started this as a means of making myself smile when my ex broke up with me, but had been tossing up the idea for a while before that (practically since Sony gave me a SackBoy plushie). The original project idea was to make it a “picture-a-day” blog, but we’ve already gone past the “one picture every day” mentality and now there’s a structure to it.

Since it started in August, there have been over 150 images of SackBoy put online on SackBoy Lives Here!.

Now that I’m over my ex and all happy again, the project is geared at making people smile. That’s all it is. Making people smile. No plans to sell, no plans to make money; SackBoy Lives Here! exists to make you grin, giggle, and bust a smile.

This image is real. No Photoshop compositing. The Sea Lion really did try and have a conversation with SackBoy. I almost didn't fire the shots.

This image is real. No Photoshop compositing. The Sea Lion really did try and have a conversation with SackBoy. I almost didn't fire the shots.

I’ve just had mini cards made for the SackBoy project because when I’m out shooting with him, people are asking me what this is for. Friends who are there go “haven’t you heard of SackBoy? This is SackBoy” so we now have cards that say “This is SackBoy.”

To see more of this project, head to the SackBoy Lives Here! website at

Giant Piece of Shit Wreaks Havoc! (Rook! Shitzirra!)

This is one of those sorts of things where you go "must be a lie, a joke, a something" but lo behold… it's now.

For your entertainment… 

"A giant inflatable dog turd created by the American artist Paul McCarthy was blown from its moorings at a Swiss museum, bringing down a power line and breaking a window before landing in the grounds of a children’s home."

Not my image. Looking for credit details at the moment. Assuming it's from the gallery where this was set up. "Complex Shit" by Paul McCarthy.

Source: Never Slap The Gift Donkey

Just imagine the sort of terror it would create.

"What is that piece of shit flying through the sky?"

"The shit is officially in the air!!!"

"Aggh!!! Rook! Shitzirra!"

Seriously, you'd hate for a giant flying piece of poo to fly over your home so while you're laughing your ass off and scouring the web for some footage of this thing (and if you find it, leave a comment here so the rest of us can die of agonising laughter too), think of the children who had to endure this brilliant piece of art knocking out the window of their childcare facility.

And then think of how much psychology the parents will have to put their kids through to convince them shit does not indeed fly and that they need to stop behaving like monkeys and keep their fecal matter to themselves. 

Dishing Out Criticism Where It’s Needed: The Bill Henson Revival

One of the bigger stories today – judging by what was on the front page of papers and websites across the country – involved an artistic image of a naked six year old being put on the cover of Australian Art Monthly.

I should say right off of the cuff that I have no problem with the said image. It is art; plain and simple. The works of Ms. P (whom I have always called "Ms. P" because I have no idea how to say Papapetrou) have always been about young girls and innocence. If I remember correctly, she photographs her daughter as the subject of her art. Please correct me if I'm wrong, of course.

I'm not going to debate the issue of naturistic art versus porn because we've all been down this pointless road before. Naked children are naked children. Those of you who automatically think that a naked child constitutes child pornography need to absolutely, well & truly wake up to the fact that you may in fact be idiots.


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The Bill Henson Debacle

The Bill Henson Debacle? This whole thing is one of the most ridiculous things I've heard in the news all year. This isn't coming close to the "let's repeat that Heath Ledger is indeed dead and we will be mourning him so" stories but might be passing the "Corey is a dingbat" story quite soon.

As a photographer who used to work at the gallery in question as the web manager, I can tell you that the images aren't anything new for Henson. This sort of work has been a part of his repertoire for a long while now.


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