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April Fools Day 2009: The jokes that didn’t suck

There were a lot of crappy jokes this year for April Fools Day.

One of the worst was run on Gizmodo. Seriously, I'm all for complicated jokes but pretending you're infected with a new virus and making every post seem like a spam message from hell gets really fucking annoying after the third post. It went on way too long, guys.

Some people, however, came up with jokes that didn't suck. Here's my list of April Fools Day pranks that were actually pretty cool:

See. Some excellent jokes this year. There was also one that wasn't an April Fools Day joke but yet rated highly as one that could've been one: Google Classic.

April Fools Day 2009: The niPod

I've been doing April Fools Day jokes online for long enough to know that there are good ideas and bad ideas.

This year, I had a rather indifferent idea.

Click on the image to see it bigger… 

Introducing the Nikon iPod or the niPod. The idea is an iPod Classic merged with a Nikon Coolpix camera modeled off of something like the S52c.

You can read all about it The Gadget Grill where the announcement landed.

Click on the image to see it bigger…

Honestly, it's not my best work. It's good Photoshop work but not a great AFD joke. 

We actually were working on something big but it didn't get out in time. I think I've put far too much creative energy into my Easter Boxes, to be honest, and didn't start working on the April Fools Day stuff 'till late.

Ha. Ha. Ha. 2008.

Normally I prepare an April Fools joke for my site. I did it last year and I meant to this year but time – the cynical bastard that he is – just decided to catch up with me and I only got the one Dad wanted me to do for DSLR done as well as the one or two I wanted to get done for work.

It seems strange but apparently my work – Cybershack – didn't have any April Fools pranks of their own in the past. I don't know but that just doesn't feel right.

An April Fools Joke is a way to give the few people who check it out a way of saying "I love you" while royally screwing their heads up. And who doesn't like a good screwing? I mean seriously… that's what life is for!

Sort of.

There are degrees where we step over the limit and if a joke becomes sad or offensive, it loses all its value.

Luckily, this year I stuck to my roots and values with the creation of a few that we just funny. Not sick funny but funny nonetheless.

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