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Happy Moon Festival… and stuff.

Ready everybody? One, two three…


…and stuff. Whatever it is. Seriously. I have no fucking clue. I assume it has something to do with the moon, dragons, Chinese customs & culture, and hopefully a bunch of smiling faces and very drunk people all enjoying themselves while they… do… err… stuff.

This weekend, my Mum and I spent some time together which included taking a visit to Market City to look for some clothes. We didn't find any there but we did find loud dragons, loud drums, and a loud band that sounded like an Asian version of U2. Maybe it was Yen2 or something.

There was a Cantonese-bloody Bono singing "It's a beautiful day" after the stage was overwhelmed with drum-banging dragons who'd only recently been taking over the food courts followed by a guy in a bunny costume and sexy girls handing out lanterns.

I'd take a lantern. Does it come with a phone number? Shit, I probably should have taken a lantern. I have nowhere to put the lantern, but I still should have taken one.

I did learn about the moon cake though.

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I got laid! (Seriously, it’s a big thing.)

If the title didn't give it away cleanly (or dirtily, mrooowwww), then the following loud and proud bold while told text definitely will:


Yes. I know. I'm as surprised as you are. Especially those of you who wandered here by accident while attempting to find the International Community for the Relief Of Starvation and Suffering. You're all probably wondering why it's important that I tell people I got laid. Well… it isn't. Except it does make me quite happy!

…and now you probably want to know the details.

Well… it all started with…

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Dishing Out Criticism Where It’s Needed: The Bill Henson Revival

One of the bigger stories today – judging by what was on the front page of papers and websites across the country – involved an artistic image of a naked six year old being put on the cover of Australian Art Monthly.

I should say right off of the cuff that I have no problem with the said image. It is art; plain and simple. The works of Ms. P (whom I have always called "Ms. P" because I have no idea how to say Papapetrou) have always been about young girls and innocence. If I remember correctly, she photographs her daughter as the subject of her art. Please correct me if I'm wrong, of course.

I'm not going to debate the issue of naturistic art versus porn because we've all been down this pointless road before. Naked children are naked children. Those of you who automatically think that a naked child constitutes child pornography need to absolutely, well & truly wake up to the fact that you may in fact be idiots.


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