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Ash Monday

After spending the Easter weekend with my brother – him writing music while I sang possible vocal lines and worked on my book – Ash & I decided to go out on a … err… thing– would you call it a date? Geeze… I don't know.

Anyway, we'd only met during the Good Friday Exodus of the Drunk Damned so Monday, instead of drinking, we'd be seeing a movie.

A note to anyone who's at all interested in seeing Before The Devil Knows You're Dead: don't.

Wait for it on DVD. We should have.

You'll have more fun going out and taking pictures of whoever you planned on seeing the movie with so go do that (unless you're seeing it by yourself in which case you can keep your roll of film…)

Ash leaning against a wall. You can click on it to see it bigger if you like.


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ex·o·dus    n.
1. A departure of a large number of people.

Something happened on Easter Friday night. Something terrible. Something terribly un-Australian.

As people across Sydney were enjoying a Good Friday – and in some cases a Great Friday – they got sent home.

It's probably safe to say that 99.5% of us out here drink. The lot of us are usually down for a bourbon, beer, or something else, and being a religious day, Easter Good Friday seems like the perfect night to shout someone a drink.

Hey Jesus, it's my shout! 

But then something awful happened as 10 pm neared on Good Friday-night… 

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As Tall As A Dear Hunter

This article is a few weeks coming and I apologise for that. The Ruthie Foster one will be following shortly too.

While Soundwave wasn't too impressive an organised thing, the people deciding to put it on felt the need to make a little bit more money by running what they called "Sidewaves". These were side gigs that bands from Soundwave would play in each city.

Not having our complete fill of As Tall As Lions and The Dear Hunter, my brother Michael and I went on the Monday.

That was the day after Soundwave. We'd both been to work that day and I was exhausted from the day prior.

As well as burnt.

The Dear Hunter were one of a few bands I got photos of that night…

Here's what happened…

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More music photography coming: Ruthie Foster

I've just come from a great gig… better than great… at The Basement.

Someone whom I've liked since I first heard played: Ruthie Foster. I'm heading to bed now, but here's an image to salivate those… err… saliva glands.

Click the image to see the phenomenal Ruthie Foster appear in a larger image that I shot tonight (the same image… but bigger)!