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Leigh forgot his belt today

I forgot my belt today.

My waist feels more free than it ever has in years of servitude. I keep it locked behind chain & key (or at least buckle & hole) and now it is freeeeeeeee.

It even has more e's than the Eee.

But I still feel odd without it. As if I need to constantly watch or hold onto my belt loops just in case it could fall down at any second revealing my hairy chicken legs and Casper white thighs.

My old Russian Art teacher jokingly suggested over email that I use the D700 strap as a belt.


Could this be the world's first and only full-frame belt?

…yeah. Not super effective and holding pants up. Nice try, though. Very stylish.


Some people have lives, I have toys… or so says I.

And it is with that new quote of mine that I am showing off a new self-portrait of me complete with video of my new actions.

For I am…

Wall-Eigh. Walllleeeeiiiggghhh.

I mean… yeah… you can sort of get my name out of Wall-E speaking his name.

Video of my new body after the break, or just click on the above image for a bigger picture of Wall-Eigh!


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I know, I know…

…my posting has been crap lately. I apologise.

I'm sure the frantic pace with which work treats me would apologise too were it not for the fact that it is not a being in and of itself so it can't.

Plus it probably wouldn't anyway.

In any case, I'm now working on three books, the latest of which involves quantum mechanics and coffee. Will I be talking about the worlds upon worlds theory while black coffee finds its ways into universal orifices?

Probably not.

In any case, here's a nice picture I shot the other night.

Dee before I leave for the day

Without wanting the title sounding like an Eiffel 65 song which I wish didn't reverberate in the back of my skull, here is a picture of the lovely Deanna Mushins that I shot last night after our little NAS Photography reunion… which you're going to wish you'd had been invited to.

Well you will later.

By the time I'm through writing about it, anyway.

Cool picture, huh.