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A sigh before bed


Dad got me my birthday present tonight.


Earlier this week, I started cleaning out my room because I realised that

1. I didn't need a lot of crap and could be cleaner, and
2. My bed was getting crappier and I could probably move to a Queen from the Single I was on

…so I started cleaning up, opted to give my red desk that I merely used for holding stuff to my brother, and then went in and told my Dad that the present he was having such trouble finding for me since November was to be a little donation into me buying a new bed. Like a little bit into the frame. That sort of thing.


So Dad came back from his blues jam tonight with my present.

Guess what it isn't?


It's not that I don't want a violin… I do, but I'd prefer to have tried it in store quickly before going "well no, this probably isn't for me".

I mean yes, I can play cello… but that was why I wanted one of those cheap crappy cellos from eBay for so long… so I could play what I know… but a violin… what do I do there?! Especially since I'm a lefty and a regular violin which is typically right-handed is really not made for a lefty… whereas the cello I can deal with because the neck is larger and easier to hold.


You're not supposed to buy instruments without the people there… I mean… I can learn violin but…


The Weekend In Review

The weekend I had last was a good one. I could talk about it, but then I'd only be giving you exactly what you wanted. Unless of course you didn't want it, which would mean you should read on. It's forced literary indulging. Or something. Like I have a clue.

Friday night I saw Juliet.

Juliet is becoming a very close friend and we saw The Kingdom together. The Kingdom is very good. Gritty, well directed, incredibly well edited. The acting, story, and everything about it is superb.

And throughout the movie I got my very first massage. Juliet needed a massage so I tried to give her one. We were on one of the lower seats in the front with the wall behind us so we weren't bothering anyone and I gave her one. She in turn gave me one. I've never had a massage before this. Sooo relaxing.

But then I guess that's the point.

Saturday saw me seeing Asha who has just returned from living in not-Sydney. By "not-Sydney" I mean that I don't actually have a clue where it was, only that it's "not in Sydney" and that it was somewhere up the coast and obviously wasn't in Sydney.

So Asha's back and we met up for coffee and conversation in Newtown. And it just so happened that we had a nice affair with Ricotta Hotcakes with maple syrups and blueberries plus raspberry pulp while we were eating at a nice cafe near the Station. Scrump-diddly-umptious. I wonder if I've just given The Whitlams new song writing material…

Anyway, we walked around and I even bought stuff. I actually even fulfilled something I've been looking for for ages.

Are you ready?


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A message to eMusic

Could you have made a more clunky application?

First of all you force people to use it. I've now downloaded a .emp file I can't actually use because your new application doesn't actually support these files, even tho every time I try to run it, the old Download Manager refuses to run and tells me I need to upgrade. So now I'm left with a song I can't download given to me in a filetype I can't use.

That's just brilliant. Great planning there.

Then you've gone ahead and given me a clunky Java version of Mozilla. I don't need another browser. I have enough as it is. Forcing someone to adopt your bug-ridden version of a browser just because you're trying to provide more iTunes-like service is ridiculous especially if you're not giving us a choice.

I liked the old download manager. It was A DOWNLOAD MANAGER. I didn't need anything else. Hell, you could have created an extension of Firefox or Mozilla based browsers. Maybe even a Gadget. But this… this monstrosity of an application doesn't even let me use your service.

Irritating as hell, occasionally you run the application and it doesn't run. It stays in the background opening multiple instances of XMLRunner everytime you try to run it but doesn't let you close them down.

So now I have a program that's worse than half of the Alpha programs I review on a daily basis.

So I ask again… could you have made a more clunky application?

Cheap CD’s! Cheap CD’s!!!

In case you're curious and you live in Sydney, the big HMV on Pitt St. is closing down today. End of August and all.

Closing down.

For good.

Mike and I headed down there after work yesterday. There's a whole smattering of CD's t-shirts, and crappy DVD's on tables as well as literally "what's left" in the aisles and they're taking 50% off everything.

I'll give you an example. Mike got the rare-in-Australia Up In The Attic import disc from Alien Ant Farm for 15 bucks instead of the original price of 30.

I got the Dave Matthews Band DualDisc edition of Stand Up for 5 bucks (down from 30) and a disc I've been wanting since I pretty much started watching MTV when I went to school in Texas, Live's Secret Samadhi … for 5 bucks.

There's a little bit of jazz… actually, there's probably still quite a lot of jazz left… but they've closed the jazz section and just emptied the discs on a table. So… you'll have to dig around to find something you want… but in case you've always wanted some CD's but were always too cheap to get them, get your ass down there now and see if they have them for cheap before they close today. 

Experience More… sort of.

It's late and my foot is itchy… which probably means… that my foot is itchy. Tonight I was at a Howarth Masquerade Ball of which I should have images for tomorrow on my blog. However, since I haven't updated in a bit…

Last week, my brother and I headed to the "Sony. Experience. More." thingy on at Darling Harbour. As press, we were privvy to press stuff… which basically means we get there earlier with less people as well as a mini press conference thingy.

My brother Michael speaking to one of the people at Sony in the computer division. 

Anyway, here are some pictures from that event (because I'm lazy, tired, and a combination of other things I don't care about mentioning) as well as some text about it.

First up… Australian rock band The Androids played as we walked in…

The Androids! Click on it to get a bigger version!  

The Androids! Click on it to get a bigger version!  

So there we were… at the Sony experience… experiencing more… or less… or something.

Look at those shiny Sony lights… doesn't it just make you want purchase something not made by Sony…

It's like that bear statement… "lions, tigers and bears oh my"… Well… TV's and digital cameras and video cameras and… audio (oh my!)… including these cool things: 

They're really tiny satellite speakers. They're wired… which is unfortunate because they'd be brilliant if they could run off of Bluetooth or some other wireless technology. Anyway, they mostly send the highs but less of the mids which the subwoofer now helps to send out. Cool device though. I'll take some.  

This thingy was kind of cool. It's apparently a Sony A-series prototype.

I'm not really sure about the authenticity of this to be honest. It looks a lot like a Sony A-series body with a battery grip attached to the bottom rather than a professional Sony A-series body, though the prism on the top is a nice touch, especially if they're trying to give a nod to those of us who like the old-school styling. The manual control switch at the base of the lens mount looks interesting…

…but I'm far more interested in the Carl Zeiss 85mm 1.4 lens on the front of that thing. I'll take one. I don't have a Sony camera and I'm not likely to buy one… maybe because it's got "Sony" written on it or because it doesn't perform as well as its Konica Minolta predecessor… but a Zeiss lens would be nice…

Sony had some people there making lollies from those lolly stores around the Westfields and what not. Quite nice actually. I still have some.

They were imprinted with the word "SONY" in blue on the white bits in the middle so when I ate them, they burned holes in my flesh… you know, being evil and all. Or me being good.

Or something like that.

I never know anymore, to be honest. Good, bad, evil, sexy, anal… shit, it's all the same these days.

More images in the "continued reading" bit… 

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