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Brett Ratner is a tool.

I suppose if you've already seen Xmen 3, you knew that. Sure, nice effects but pointless and felt like a waste of a story.

Oh, and then there's Rush Hour 3. Pure shudder.

But now Brett Ratner wants to start that brain up and put a Guitar Hero movie into action.

Guitar Hero. A game where you pretend to be a guitarist and play rhythm games to match the songs you enjoy playing to.

What the fuck?

What's next: Dance Dance Revolution: The Movie? Elite Beat Agents might actually work, but I'm not sure if I'd pay 15 bucks to see lots of Japanese girls jump up & down while they play the DDR game to save the entire world from the world of err… err… evil anti-DDR conglomerates!

Well… I might if there was nudity… but it'd have to be gratuitous.

Really fucking gratuitous.

Seriously Brett… couldn't get the money to make another Rush Hour? 


Leigh, Creature Creator

I've gone and bought myself Spore Creature Creator through EA's New Zealand site.

I've had to go through New Zealand because EA Australia don't seem to want Aussies buying something. They don't want our stinkin' money! How fudged is that?!

In any case, here is how you can find my creations.

I quite like my SPAM. I feel he brings in all of what SPAM has to offer including the likelihood that without any way to protect himself, he'll end up being eaten for breakfast but the most desperate carnivorous creature around who can't find BurgerSapien.

Lii Fit: Day 4 – What me feet do & Where’s my food advice?

So this is Day 4 of Wii Fit and I've decided to show you Day 4 by one of the things I didn't do yesterday (because I, you know, didn't do anything non-iPhone related yesterday).

We've got the same exercise as before, but as requested, I have what my feet are doing. Tap, tap, tap-e-roo. 

That sort of thing.

So I'm going to show you that in a second… but first, I feel like there's something I need to talk about with Wii Fit… and it has to do with losing weight… and with what – on Day 3 – I'm feeling that Wii Fit most certainly lacks.

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Lii Fit: Day 3 – Leigh gets lazy

I didn't do any exercise today.

I was playing with my iPhone for too long as was too tired. I more or less conked out early.

I'll be doing extra time on the Wii Fit on Day 4 to cover what I didn't do today.

Time In Wii Fit: 0:00

Wii Fit Age: Who knows.
Real Age: 24
Comment: I'm an iPhone whore. Wii Fit needs to go back to making me its bitch.