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Leigh, The Drummer

We filmed a segment for A Current Affair around a month ago and it aired a couple of nights ago.

On the way home from work, I got a message from a mate saying he just saw me drumming on TV. Later that night, my grandma (one of them) called up saying I was on TV playing drums… you know, because I'm such a drummer and all.

Even though I'm not a drummer in the slightest.

Here is the clip where I played drums to show off… Guitar Hero World Tour.

Happy Doom Day! (May you not be eaten by an imp.)

Taken your blue potions?

Found your secret wall (you just push on it… no need to strain those muscles)…

Are you wearing your green armour?

Yes? Well then…

Happy Doom Day!

It's been fifteen years since John Carmack and everyone else at id software came up with that masterpiece that inspired so many other games, revolutionised the first-person shooter (FPS) genre, and generally became target practice for TV vision every time someone killed someone where the media blamed video games.

May you not be eaten by an imp. 

Shameless Self-Promotion for Casual Boy

Because I have no shame (on my blog) and feel like linking you to something, I'm passing on al ink!

I have now launched my own little gaming review site! I hope to have it updated every day!

Hope. Hope to. Probably won't. You know… like this site… which used to be. I'm working on my ability to shift between all the freakin' work I do… *sigh*

Anyway… presenting…

Casual Boy. 🙂

I just put up the review for the puketastic iPhone game "Christmas With Weezer"… oh Christ… why did I buy that piece of shit…

“Your name is now Casual Boy” (Leigh meets Cliffy B!)

Some of the perks of my job include meeting people.

I like meeting people. In a way, I'm like a labrador puppy. I just want to run up to you and lick your face and say hi and wag my tails and–

Ok. There are obviously some huge differences there that make me nothing like a labrador puppy. I don't even wag my tail. 

Regardless, today I got to interview someone who made some of the games that kept my childhood going… Cliff Bleszinski also known as Cliffy B.

Cool guy. Very cool guy. No matter what, I still love Jazz Jackrabbit… especially the Christmas Jazz.

Click the image for Cliff B, Casual Boy, and the Chainsaw Gun in a slightly bigger size! Apologies for the shakiness of the image… it was taken on an iPhone (groan).

At one point during the interview, Cliff said "Your name is now casual boy by the way" because of my experience in playing games like Duke 3D before they came out and yet still running through Gears of War on Casual / Easy. "What's up, Casual Boy," Cliff said immediately after.

The video is now online so you can see for yourself that he ended with the Casual Boy bit.

What you didn't get to see was that even as I left the room, my new nickname stuck.

So yeah… I have a new nickname given to me by Cliff Bleszinski.

I am Casual Boy. Here me… err… fire a gun and then chicken out back to easy mode.

(Fine… I'll play a harder mode for Gears of War 2…)

…and here I thought “price cuts” meant lower prices.stu

After doing that whole photography thing on Saturday (as seen in the "Yellow" post), I mosied over on to Harvey Norman, the hardly normal store that tends to have deals in the "once in a blue moon that's actually on fire and is exploding" sort of time frame.

Lucky for me, there were deals to be had. Or deal – singular – as I found out.

Sorting through the clearance bin, I found a copy of Colin McRae Dirt, a game I reviewed upon starting at CyberShack and loved but never got a full version of.

Although now… success! $49.95 slashed to $20! Yay! 

There was however one game that was slashed… strangely.

Don't get me wrong. I'd pay twenty bucks for the original version of Sam & Max. Hell, it was the first game I ever bought. I got the text version (not even a Talkie!) on floppy back when LucasArts brought it out.

But $9.96 slashed to $20? Wow. You go, Harvey Norman. You go girl.