Watched (For Kids)

An app designed to get your kids engaged when they need their attention diverted, Watched (For Kids) is an app that shows emoji doing things when you need kids to not pay attention.

The idea stemmed from changing the nappy of our second child. She’s always intrigued by my Apple Watch, possibly because it’s a screen on my wrist. But rather than let her just play around with it, or even hand her the phone and risk her throwing it, drop it, or do something important with it, I decided to make the screen on my wrist do something to keep her entertained and engaged.

Watched (For Kids) is a simple app designed to do that: keep your kids engaged while you need to do something else.

In my case, it’s often changing her nappy, and I use my Apple Wrist-equipped left arm to hold her legs while she watches what’s on screen, while I do the rest of the change with my right hand. Meanwhile, she can tap the screen to see change the pictures.

Initially, it’s available for the Apple Watch and the iPhone, but depending on how it goes, I’ll build it for Wear OS on Android, too.

Terms of use

No information is stored from this app. This app is built to make your kids stay engaged and is solely for entertainment purposes only. Specifically the entertainment of your kids. They also might not be entertained from this, but hopefully it keeps them entertained long enough for you to do what you need to do. Also, all emojis used may be copyrighted by Apple, but are used here as part of the Unicode set provided by Apple for people to use.