New theme: Spontaneous Box

Have you ever wanted to show what’s really going on in your head?

I have, and I often find it hard to explain to people.

While I’ve been called “irreverent” before, I suspect I’m better explained with words like “eccentric”, “random”, and “spontaneous”.

The theme I’m talking about here that I’ve *mostly* finished development on is called Spontaneous Box (I say mostly because there are still some bugs I need to iron out with search, menus, paragraph sizing and some other bits).

Spontaneous Box has been built over an original theme created by Justin Marcus and has been modified to¬†accommodate¬†the degree of randomness I’ve been wanting in my personal site.

First off there’s the basic design which still carries over from the original: three columns, all showing different types of information.

As you can see, the left most column features written bits. Words, phrases, sentences, and blogs. Anything that I want to communicate through writing is left on… well, the left.

The middle column features my idea for a Tumblr-style blog. That is, now I can post images to my blog from my phone (using a WordPress application) and provided they sit in a certain category, they’ll appear in the middle column. There’s no need to manually click a features section as the template just looks for the three newest image entries and sticks them here.

One of the things I’ve modified from the original design is the requirement of custom codes. Don’t get me wrong, I like custom codes, but the last thing I’m going to remember when I’m posting from my phone is to write “1small” or “2medium” when I’m posting an image. As such, the theme has been modified to include the use of the plugin “The Attached Image” which happily grabs a medium image and sticks it here. No codes needed. Simple.

Finally, the last column includes a search box and a Twitter feed.

I’ve missed what happens at the top of each page, however: the slogan.

You see one of the things people don’t get about me is just how random I am. It’s as if I need an editor for my brain before I speak. In fact, past girlfriends and editors have even said as much.

In my last site design (which was a modified version of Elegant Theme’s “Glow”), I attempted to include the random phrases by including images. Lately however, I’ve been turned on to the idea of making sites font-friendly. I’m in love with typography, and with the help of “Ozh’ Random Words” plugin, I can pull that off all around the page.

For instance, my site header has over fifty different things it can possibly say. They’re all the sort of things I would say as… I’m just like that.

All you need to do is refresh the home page and it’ll take care of itself, refreshing a statement. Oh, and I’ll be updating the list from WordPress as time goes on because yes, I’m that random.

It’s not just the start page, however. The same sense of spontaneity is reflected over the various pages you may come across.


Outside of this randomness, the page is designed to be clean and simple with a fairly fresh and modern font “Calibri”.

That said, I’m now working on a slightly less clean version of this theme called “A Tease Dress” which will be made for public consumption.

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