Dirty & Gritty

While out on a photographic walk a couple of weeks ago, I decided to slap on my new infrared filter and get some shots (it’s new because my old one fit a different ring size and this one is larger).

This turned out to be a good idea as it let me flex my old infrared-enjoyment muscle. I think it’s called my “brain” or something.


Got no idea, really. But it was fun.

Plus, I love the grainy look I’ve always been able to pull out of the way I post-process things. The IR and the high-ISO that these images have only helps me think that this looks a hell of a lot better & more classic.


Of course, I could be wrong. Wait, no I can’t… it’s my opinion!

More images after the jump…


These images were shot on a part of a walk called “The Great North Walk” which actually starts in Sydney and ends in Newcastle.

Obviously, I haven’t walked the entire stretch.


However, these images come from the part of the walk we did do that day: from Woolwich to Drummoyne. In total, we walked around 12 kilometres.


These images have been processed using black & white settings designed to take advantage of infrared photography.

The rest of the pictures are below in an order that feels like a series…

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