Yet another iPhone bug / design issue / reason to hate it

With only a couple of weeks before Apple's last grace at MacWorld, I find it nice & coincidental that my first New Years with an iPhone I of course come across a bug that shits me to no end on the iPhone.

The following bug really does cement the idea that the iPhone is barely a phone. Already it has issues with making calls, ignoring calls, and generally being "a phone" but now, let's add something else to the SMS complaints list. I don't have a drafts box, no copy & paste, and not being able to forward pisses me off to no end, but one that popped up last night just seems remarkably silly for Apple to have missed it. 

Here we go…

When sending a bulk SMS out (like one does at New Years to friends), if the iPhone receives an SMS in the midst of this bulk message transmit, the iPhone will stop transmitting the bulk SMS and ask you to unlock the phone to read the SMS. Doing this – from what I can tell – stops the transmission.

Now from here, you might just assume that you can go back into your mailbox and just pull up the message to resend it… but wait! It might not be there!

This was weird, actually. The message wasn't there for me and only appeared in my mailbox after syncing with my computer several hours later when I had woken up. I'd received several messages in the interim and each time, the message was still not there.

After syncing, however, the message had returned with an error message informing me that it had not sent out to all people (duh) and would I like to resend. I chose to cancel and interestingly, even though the message had sent itself to about half of the people on my list (I know because they'd either told me online or through an SMS), any trace of the message being sent out had disappeared from my SMS box.

Wow, Apple. I mean wow. 

Is this a bug? A design flaw? 

Whatever it is, it's just plain irritating.

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