32cm Soft Serve (Really, really big ice cream)

My brother decided to show me something a little different today after we had dinner at Ramen Kan.

What follows is big. 

I mean big. Really big. Big as in "this could seriously look like you're carrying it around making up for something you don't have if you're a guy".

You know… if you're cynical like that… which I of course am.

In any case, I now present to you the 32cm Soft Serve…

Click on the image to see it (disturbingly) bigger!

That is one big ice cream, and at $2.70 it doesn't taste too bad either (you know, for soft serve, that is).

That picture actually isn't quite 32cm because by that time, I'd already eaten a little bit off of the top. It's bloody close though. Disturbingly close.

I think they should have offered a mint version or an apple one or something because – with a little bit of green – it could look just like a Christmas tree! 

In any case, if you want a 32cm Soft Serve, head to the convenience store next to Hungry Jacks on George St. in Sydney. :)

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  1. Animation is awesome your a talented guy cant wait to get it on You tube sounds great too but reallly great job
    checked it out on khartoumcapers.com looks good Leigh amazing work and Thank you like Heaps……. cant wait till it gets out there Im excited
    Luv Miss Peachy and Lord KitchenerX

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