Midday Train Erotica

Here's some Midday Erotica for you… you know, because I can write random sentences that occasionally look coherent enough to be legible crap on a screen. 

I'm calling this series "Train Erotica" and whether it becomes a series or not remains to be seen.

I guess it's entirely dependent on how horny I am on morning trains. I'm horny a lot of time so I guess this could go for a while.




A girl in front of me. A girl behind me. Girls all around me.

The constant problem of man: an erection around every corner and a stagnant point stopping you from relieving the burden that you carry at every stop.

It is the thing that many men carry around with them so frequently and yet I usually don’t feel afflicted by it all.

But then today I happen to glance upon a young lady of about twenty-five, young to me and a Lolita to the older generation. She’s of an Indonesian background with a fleshy pink lipstick covering the full lips where she’d kiss something that I can only suspect would be incredible.

A gold cross sits above the top of her breasts, her goosebumps showing me that perhaps it was too cold for her to wear something so short and yet irresistibly sexy at the same time.


I yearn to lean in close to her, the abruptness of the train crowd removing the happenstance that two commuters so frequently have to endure and kiss her hard, a rare stranger even rarer in a hat kissing someone who has never been met, heard of, or cared for. I would kiss her and grab that soft ass under the jeans which I didn’t pay attention to: something which would certainly be given now after a long, tongue-heavy, sultry kiss with a stranger.

In my dreams, I want to free her breasts from the confines of their cloth prison, a jail to which I have the keys for. My tongue would deliver warmth and clear up her case of the cold while still delivering the shudder that she would get from the idea of doing this with a complete and utter stranger.

Something so weird and yet so utterly fucking brilliant at the same time.

And in an instant, it’s gone. Off at the next stop with me left to me thoughts and hopes and fantasies and erection.

The erection at every corner, every pace, every stop and all I can do is hope it goes away before work starts.

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