Belated Flying Over Singapore Post

Ok so I'm in Singapore now for the Asian Championships… and I'd love to have posted this while flying over the middle of Australia, but you know I can't so… here's what I wrote.


11:55 am Sydney time, 4.09 away from Singapore, flying over WA

I don't know whether it's the altitude or what but the nerve inside one of my front teeth has just started to kill me.

Trust me to have something go horribly wrong while I'm out and about and in a different country. So far, the empty flight has allowed me to shift my seat around but the guy in front seems to insist that his seat go alllllll the way back giving me virtually no room at all to sit my new baby laptop.

My original seat had half-torn stickers all over the personal screen so in a way, I'm lucky that the plane wasn't full.

Ooo… it's -53 degrees Celsius out there. Chilly.

Interestingly, Singapore Airlines has some cool things sitting inside their in-flight entertainment system.

First off, they give you your own display. From the looks of it, the panels are your very basic passive matrix TFT's but that's still better than the “one cabin shares a screen policy” that used to exist.

You also get a controller which doubles as a likely-to-be expensive phone. With this controller, you can pick between the movie, music and even game channels. Yes, I said game channels.

Singapore have grabbed a variety of mediocre-to-crap arcade games, puzzle games, multiplayer games (of which it looks like I was the only one playing) and even a Game Boy Colour emulator which in of itself is pretty bloody cool. There aren't a lot of games sitting in it, but with three different Pokemon games, at least one Mario and one Donkey Kong, it's certainly better than the nothingness I expected.

Yawwwwwnnnn… no sleep since 6.30 Wednesday morning. I'm sleeping.

1:55 pm Sydney time, 2.05 away from Singapore, land wayyyyy beneath me

Cec ain't gonna be proud of me.

This morning, while in the taxi to the airport, I unconsciously hacked away at the remainder of one of the half-chewed nails that I'd been ignoring. It was already there and I wasn't ruining my attempts at having decent nails. I was trying, I really was.

But now I've got a nub of a nail sticking out on my left thumb. Rub anything against it and it hurts. I'm either going to need tweezers or some of those white sharp toothpicks I brought and some sterilizing alcohol.

And mother fucker, will it hurt.

In front of me is another sort of motherfucker: the sort that just doesn't stop moving.

He sits in his seat and pushes the entire chair back. Then he gets up again to go to the bathroom. Ten minutes later he's down again. Twenty minutes later he's up again. And then down. And then up. And if I'm lucky, I get to drink my fucking Sprite without his damn seat fabric touching where I place my lips against.


And now he's back down again. Seriously people, if this plane develops the fucking plague, I'm blaming this guy.

2:15 pm, a little under two hours till arrival, currently flying over Schapelle Corby

Singapore has a charming way of welcoming guests to its country. It's so friendly I thought I'd share it with you all here:



So if you're a drug trafficker, save yourself the trip and go somewhere where your occupation is appreciated… like Australia.

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