World Youth Day Fun: iCross & iPray

Introducing the newest digital media player to take the world by storm and launching during World Youth Day 2008…

Could this be real? Click for more information…

Presenting the iCross, a media player for the Catholic conscious individual who wants to be seen representing his or her God while they're jamming along to their favourite tracks. With extra detail like a cross where the "volume up" button should be and an easy to hold cross action grip, the iCross is the sound of the God-loving masses.

But wait, there's more!

Have you ever felt like you just could do with some prayer right about now?

Well now you can with the iPray!

Designed with the same shell that makes the iCross such a hit with the Catholic youth, the iPray comes fully loaded with your favourite celebrities reading parts of the book we all know and love, The Bible!

Simply hit "OT" if you want some Old Testament love and "NT" if you're more into what the New Testament has to offer! It's that easy!

Why there's Sylvester Stallone reading Corinthians, Mel Gibson talking about Ecclesiastes, Madonna's own personal Proverbs, and Celine Dion singing Revelation!

And if listening to one straight passage isn't what you're into, hit the switch on the iPray to shuffle the prayers! One minute you might be listening to Phil Collins singing Genesis and another it'll be Paul Newman and Exodus! It's so crazy that every one will love it!


Note: This is a joke. This isn't real. If you ignore this little note at the bottom and choose to believe it is real, you are an idiot.

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    Note: This is a joke. This isn’t real. If you ignore this little note at the bottom and choose to believe it is real, you are probably a Christian <- Fixed 🙂

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